Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Nearly a year has passed…

Haha, I’m the world’s worst blogger.  I’m just going to do a quick bullet-points run-down of what happened since last I posted, in roughly chronological order:

  • Jason and I got married.  It was on a beautiful sunshiny day at my parents’ farm, where I grew up.  The ceremony took place in a grove of pine trees near the house, and the reception was on the lawn down the road at an old one-room schoolhouse.  We had a modest group of family and friends in attendance, and it was basically awesome.  Oh, and did I mention it was about 50 degrees outside and it had rained ponies the night before so there wasn’t a dry blade of grass in the county?  That was fun.  (Had a few whiners.  Didn’t care.  We liked it.)
  • We went on our honeymoon in London.  A lot of people were all, “WTF?  Why not Hawaii or Key West or [some other hot, crowded destination where we’d just lay on a beach and get bored and sunburned]?”  And we were all, “WTF?  Why do you think YOU have any say on where WE go on OUR honeymoon?  Kindly piss off.”  Both of us had always wanted to go to London, so that’s where we went.  And it was awesome.
  • I got promoted!  It was not exactly unexpected, but what was unexpected was that I really, really like my new position.  I should clarify: It wasn’t that I thought I wouldn’t like it.  I just figured my feelings would remain more-or-less the same.  But I feel like I rose to the occasion and really fit well into the position.
  • We bought a joint Christmas gift for ourselves… a nice little DSLR.  We’re not very good at using it yet.
  • Jason bought a black car…
  • …and we both bought a house on a gravel road.

What what WHHHAAAAAAT?!  Yeah, we are homeowners!  I do not like the USDA, but we were more than happy to take advantage of their excellent mortgage assistance program that allowed us to get a foot in the real estate door.  We bought a nice little mid-century ranch house on just under an acre and a half.  We’ve been here a little over a month now, and we’re getting things painted and nipped and tucked and… fixed.  The previous owner had some questionable DIY skills (THE GUY PAINTED ALL THE TRIM AND BASEBOARDS IN THE FRONT ROOM THE SAME POOP COLOR AS THE WALLS.), so things are moving along a bit slower than we expected.  But hey, my summers off leave lots of time for crap like that, so whatever.  We’ve also got our garden in, but we had to break sod for it, and the weather has been so weird so far this year that I’m not expecting this first year to be a bumper crop.

Two more things. 

  • We’re getting a puppy!  We’ve been without a dog for the last year, ever since we had to say goodbye to Jason’s old Corgi.  For the first few months, we weren’t ready for a new dog yet, and then with all the life changes it wasn’t a good time to bring in a puppy.  But we knew this summer would be as good a time as any, so we contacted a Corgi breeder, and on June 1 we are bringing home our new little girl.  I am really really excited and really really apprehensive at the same time.  It’s been many years since I lived with a puppy, and he wasn’t even *my* puppy so when he pooped in the house it wasn’t my problem.  BUT CORGI PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE AUGH.
  • And finally, we joined a Crossfit gym.  I’m not saying this is going to turn into a Crossfit blog… but I’m not saying it isn’t.  We’ve been there almost as long as we’ve been in the house, and we are confirmed addicts.  Depending on our schedules, we go five or six days a week.  Our coaches are fantastic–they’re friendly and funny, but they’ll work your ass off.  Some people don’t like Crossfit, but most of the criticisms I’ve read online don’t seem to apply to our gym, so… haters gonna hate, and I’m just gonna go over there and get stacked. 

So there it is!  Marriage!  Homeownership!  Crossfit!  Puppy!  Exclamation point!  It’s been a busy eight months.