More about that darling puppy.

You know how new parents can’t talk about anything but their children and how amazing they are?  New puppy parents are the same way.

Our puppy is amazing.

She is SO SMART.  She’s barely 2 months old, and she’s already potty trained.  WITH NO ACCIDENTS.  She’ll even ask to go outside when she needs to.  She’s good at entertaining herself–most of the time when she’s playing, she’s happy to just chew and shake her toys; it’s only when she gets really wound up that she wants someone to play with her.  She’s great in the car; she settles right down to sleep and stays there until we reach our destination.  She’s in her snappy alligator phase, but she’s getting better at “no bite.”  The only thing we’re really struggling with is the fact that she insists on chewing the carpet.  We have carpet in one room, and it’s kind of a stringy, semi-shaggy style.  She just digs her little teeth in and yanks on it, and when she gets going it’s really, really hard to get her to stop.  Reprimands don’t work, and she completely ignores other toys if you try to redirect her.  Bitter apple spray works, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to do the whole room; she has her favorite spots, but she’s an equal-opportunity chewer.

We need to get some pictures of her at play, but at the moment, we’re mostly working in shifts (one watches puppy while the other does chores/cooks/showers/etc) so sleeping pictures are easier.  She does sleep a lot at this stage (almost always on the granite hearth of our fireplace).


Shhh… Corgi puppy is sleeping.



Now… she needs to learn not to chase the cat.  Cat has knives in her paws and she’s not afraid to use them.


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