The 48-Hour Owies.

They’re coming, I can feel it.  My butt.  It is starting to hurt.

Sometimes I think Crossfit would hurt less if someone was out there literally kicking my ass.

Two days ago we had an easy-hard WOD.  It was a little weird… just back squats.  Nothing else.  (This whole week is a little unusual, since our gym is prepping for a local competition we’re hosting this weekend.)  Anyway, that was the easy part, not huffing and puffing and drowning in sweat.  The hard part was the fact that Coach wanted us to do 7 sets, 5-5-5-3-3-1-1, ideally with a max-rep on the last one.

Turns out my max rep, 143#, is my new PR.  By kind of a lot.  Last time we did back squats, just a couple weeks after we started (so about a month ago), I topped out at 83#.  BAM.  You guys, my deadlift PR is currently 145#.  I can’t wait to deadlift again, because not only do I really like picking up heavy things, I want to see how much stronger I am!  I still struggle a ton with cardio, but I feel like I’ve made enormous gains in my strength in the 7 weeks since we joined.Anyway, so because of those squats, my butt hurts (or is starting to hurt and will only get worse).  And I have a very owie bruise on my spine. 
And then yesterday happened.  After Tuesday, I was starting to wonder how badly Coach was going to beat us up. 
Ha.  Haha.  He wasn’t trying to beat us up.  He was trying to kill us.
50 situps
40 walking lunges (which I always want to type “walking lunches,” which sounds much more awesome)
30 ball slams
20 dumbbell snatches (10 each arm)
10 toes-to-bar
3 RFT.  Second round, sub pushups for situps.
Situps, I got this.  I’m good on situps.  Walking lunches, not too bad, but my squat butt is complaining a little.  Ball slams is where I slow down.  The first ten or so, I’m all “HULK SMASH!!!”  Then I slow down a little, and by the last few it’s more like “*sniff* hulk smash???”  Dumbbell snatches are not hard, but I’m so wiped, I have to break it down into sets of 5.  Toes-to-bar, or rather hanging knee raises if you ain’t got no kip (hi, that’s me!), no problem, I got this.
And that’s just Round 1.  DO THAT TWICE MORE, KIDDO.  Oh, and have fun on your girl pushups, because you’re so sweaty it’s like your skin is a 98-degree Slip ‘N Slide.
Dead last in the gym, that’s where I finished.  The other WODders were cleaning up around me while I was finishing my snatches.  “Good job, keep going!” they’d say, walking past with an armful of AbMats.  Jason came over and hung out with me while I finished up.  It was nice.  I like the support from the group, but I’m really, really glad the only one truly paying attention to me was my husband.
Final time: 29:39 (just squeaked in under half an hour, yay!).  I laid face-down, spread-eagled on the floor and melted for a little while, and maybe I told the floor I loved it, because it was the most glorious thing in my life for about five minutes. 
Then we went home and ate leftover chili and watched MasterChef, so it was a pretty good evening.
It’s not often I’m excited about the Thursday rest day… but this week I’m really excited about the Thursday rest day.

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