This weekend our box hosted a friendly local competition to raise donations for the Boone County Cancer Society and the Boys & Girls Club.  Several other boxes from the central Indiana area brought teams of four (two men, two women) to compete.  It was incredibly fun to have so many guests!  There were some serious competitors, as well as plenty of people who just wanted to have a killer WOD (or killer WODs, plural) and contribute to a good cause. 


Jason and I originally planned on just showing up to support our friends, and Jason thought he’d judge.  (I opted out of judging, because I cannot count.  I’m not kidding.  I probably do several more reps than I ever need to because I’ve repeated “seven” four times.)  So we showed up on Friday night for the first WOD, and one of our coaches asked Jason if he wanted to work out–one of our teams was short an athlete.  Well, he did want to, but as we had just scarfed down a pretty heavy roast beef dinner, it would have been sent him way over the puke threshold in one round.  Because the WOD was 250m row, 25 kettlebell swings (52/35), 50 double-unders OR 150 singles (singles was not considered scaling), and 25 over-the-box jumps OR steps (again, steps not scaling) on a 24/20 inch box.  Four rounds for time.  No passing or doubling up–you could not progress to the next movement until the person ahead of you had finished.  30 minute time cap (and there were some teams who did not finish).

Now, we did that WOD earlier in the week, and it was TOUGH.  I don’t know what my team’s final time was, as I was really only worrying about my own time, but I went second and finished just before 26 minutes had elapsed.  It was a lot of fun, sitting in the bleachers, seeing so many strangers cheering for their friends in the box that has started to feel like home. 

Jason didn’t want to be caught with his shorts off again, so he got up early the next morning for the first WOD.  That was a short and sweet one: 30 shoulder-to-overhead (135/95), 725m run (odd distance, I know; that’s one lap around our track), 15 shoulder-to-overhead (same weights) and another 725m run.  Each person starts in turn, again no passing, just one round.  I missed that one; I had to stay home and make sure the puppy didn’t piss on the floor or eat the couch.  Also I had some bacon that needed to be eaten.

I drove in for the second WOD, bringing with me some roasted sweet potato chunks, because Jason hadn’t eaten breakfast and also because I like him.  That WOD was really fun to watch–it was a clean/deadlift ladder. 


The athletes could choose which movement they did, with a one-minute AMRAP on each bar (higher scores for cleans).  The weights started at 135/95 and went up by ten-pound increments for 6 rounds, ending at 185/145.  Now, my clean PR is currently 83 pounds (I tried and failed multiple times to get 93) so it was doubly impressive to see some of these women cleaning triple digits easily (well, not easily, but at least it didn’t look like they were going to break something or soil themselves).

The third (and final, for most people) WOD was a 2-minute AMRAP, 1-minute rest, four-movement one: thrusters (95/65), pullups, wall balls, and plate burpees. 


That was by far the craziest one to watch–there was something going on all over the building.  We have a big space, but it felt crowded with all the athletes and all the judges down on the floor.

The top 8 teams after that round went on to the final WOD, which was absolutely insane.  I wanted to cry just listening to it, thinking about all everyone had already done that day and the night before.  First off–all 8 teams do 100 toes-to-bar.  The teams could break it down however they wished (each do 25, one person do all, whatever).  The first 6 teams to finish move on to Round 2.  In Round 2: each team breaks into man/man woman/woman pairings.  Partner 1 does 3 snatches (95/65).  While Partner 1 holds the bar overhead, Partner 2 does 4 burpees.  Then Partner 1 does 5 overhead squats.  Trade places, go for 6 rounds.  The first 4 teams to finish move to Round 3, which was a 400m sandbag carry, one for each member.  First two move to Round 4.  Sled push!  Each woman goes down and back with 45, then 70; each man goes down and back with 115, then 140.  Then they race over to the ropes (of which our box conveniently has two!) and each member of the team climbs in turn to 15 feet.  First team to finish wins!


One of the top two teams was one of our own, and they had a comfortable lead going into the rope climb… but our last member was absolutely wiped and couldn’t get more than 5 feet off the ground.  But whatever, I am so proud of everyone that competed, regardless of how high they finished, because not one single person quit or phoned it in.  Everyone brought their “A” game and it was an absolute blast to be able to watch.

Next time, though… next time I’ll join in.


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