Allll byyyy myseeeeelf…

Don’t wanna be all by myself anymore.

Jason had to go to Iowa for work this week; he left yesterday a little after noon.  We had to go to CrossFit in the morning, which was really nice.  As much as I love going, I also love getting it out of the way early.

Yesterday’s WOD was tough; started off with 5×5 front squats, on which I got a PR (5 reps @ 103#, yeyyyy).  Then we moved into the next part of the WOD, which was 3 rounds, 5 minutes each, ladder up by 2 on the second movement, with two minutes’ rest between each round:

10 jumping air squats, chest-to-bar pullups

20 DU/50 singles, med ball cleans

5 burpees, kettlebell swings

I scaled with banded pullups (for the first time!), and I used a 14# ball and a 30# KB.  Made it to 8 pullups, 8 cleans, and 10 swings.  All my burpees were unbroken!  Only 5 at a time, I know, BUT STILL.  UNBROKEN.  But after all those squats to start with… holy crap, my legs were toast.  And then they wanted us to jump squat?  And clean?  Sadists, the lot of them.

Anyway… so puppy was crated for an hour and a half while we WODed, and again for nearly three hours while I took Jason to the airport (and had delicious sushi for lunch from the best cheap sushi place on the planet).  So she was kind of climbing the walls when I got home.  She played crazy-crazy for a couple hours, then took a nap before dinner.

After dinner… she became possessed by demons.

Ordinarily, Jason and I will take turns playing with her in the evenings, and when we tag-team her like that, we can have her worn out and ready for bed by about 9:00.  She naps for a while, we take her out for one final pee at about 10:30, and she’s in her crate by 10:45, when we go to bed.  She’s good about her crate; she’ll settle right down, and when she starts stirring at around 3, Jason takes her out to pee.  She’ll go right back to sleep when he puts her back, and she wakes up around sunrise.  I take her out for the morning pee, and we start our day.  It works perfectly.

Last night, she was having NONE OF IT.  I could not get her to settle down for anything.  She was all over the place, barking in my face, biting at everything she could reach, just being a crazy meth dog.  And when I finally called it quits and put us both to bed, she settled down… until her 3:30am constitutional.  She would NOT go back to sleep after that, just sat in her crate whining and circling and obsessively (and noisily) licking her butt (and barking at her butt when she couldn’t quite reach the spot she wanted).  She hasn’t cried in her crate since the third night we had her, so I don’t know what her problem was, unless she was really that upset that I took her out for the middle-of-the-night pee, instead of Jason (TRUST ME, DOG, I WASN’T TOO THRILLED EITHER).

So far today she seems mostly normal, but we’ll see.  I’m taking her to the park this evening for a nice long walk; hopefully that will help.  We can’t take long walks from home; we live in the country, and all our neighbors let their large dogs run loose.  We can go a few hundred yards down the road in each direction, but other than that we’re stuck circling our property.  Normally a rowdy game of fetch or keep-away is more than enough exercise, but I know she needs a change of scenery too.  It’s just hard to walk every day when we have to drive her somewhere to do it.  It’s funny, because at home she’s a pain in the ass on-leash; at the park, she’s an angel and a joy to walk.


Today’s WOD was fun.  We paired up and did 4 rounds of 400m run and max rep clean & jerk.  Partner 1 ran while Partner 2 lifted; when Partner 1 got back we switched places.  I was lifting 63#, which is admittedly slightly lower than what I could (and probably should) have done, but a) my partner was new and b) OMFG I WAS SO TIRED.  I got in 30 reps, so I was happy with that.  Round numbers please me so.

And now I’m back home, I had a big brunch, puppy is being sweet, I’m finally caffeinated, and I have all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey on Blu-Ray that require viewing.  I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Tegan and I miss Jason.  Monday can’t get here soon enough.


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