You Know You Do CrossFit When…

  • …you can eat more at breakfast than some people eat in an entire day.
  • …you finish your workout, then work out some more.
  • …you don’t know the last time you slept in on a Saturday morning.
  • …you don’t wear certain fabrics because they get snagged on your calluses, and those calluses are more important than pretty clothes.
  • …people back away slowly when they see how many cartons of eggs go in your shopping cart.
  • …you surreptitiously admire your own arms whenever you reach for something.
  • …you politely decline offers of help when carrying something heavy, but inside you’re bellowing “I CROSSFIT, SUCKA”
  • …you pity the people whose workouts take over an hour.
  • …you realize life offers a surprising number of opportunities to use your clean technique.
  • …you estimate your growing puppy’s weight by considering how she compares to a 10-pound med ball.  (It helps that she’s kind of med-ball-shaped.)
  • …you have to remind yourself that almost nobody outside of your box cares about your deadlift PR this morning.  And sometimes that reminder doesn’t work (oops).
  • …observing your surroundings invariably leads to thinking “I wonder if I could pick that up.  I bet I could.  Yeah… yeah, I could pick that up.”
  • …you can tell another woman “Your snatch looks great!” without giggling.  Well… maybe you giggle a little bit.
  • …you are getting seriously pissed off that the double-under continues to elude you.

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