It’s CrossFIT, Not CrossTHIN.

Let me just put this out there: I am not trying to lose weight.  Do I carry some extra fat on my frame?  Yup.  Would I mind getting rid of it?  Nope.  But I don’t have a “goal weight” in mind.  I couldn’t give a shit what that number on the scale says.  I’ve had some people comment on my “weight loss,” but what they’re really seeing is just nicer muscle tone.  I’m pretty sure my arms are slightly *bigger* than when I started.  I don’t really know for sure, because I’m judging my progress strictly on the weights I’m pushing, the box I’m jumping on, and the amount of time it takes me to do my WOD.  That’s it.

Now, I do weigh myself occasionally, mostly just out of idle curiosity, and because it’s funny to watch my clothes get looser as the number stays the same (or heaven forbid, GETS BIGGER).  I am about five feet six inches tall, and at the moment I weigh a hundred and sixty pounds.  I don’t care who knows it, because it’s completely irrelevant.  Sure, if I had dreams of going to the CrossFit Games, I’d probably want to be a little lighter, because it would be easier to haul my juicy, squat-constructed arse up a rope or whatever and I’d be able to Get Shit Done (TM) faster.

But that’s not one of my goals.  What are my goals for CrossFit?  I want to do a boy push-up.  I want to do a pull-up.  I want to put a triple-digit weight over my own head.  I want to go around my everyday life with the confidence that my body and mind won’t fail me when I want or need to do something difficult.

All of those things require that I have strong arms and legs.  Not one of them requires size 6 jeans.  Toned abs will also help.  Nobody has to see those abs.  Those strong arms and legs?  On my frame, they ain’t gonna be thin.  The only way my arms could be thin is if they were completely devoid of muscle.  I’m built like a German barmaid; if I was “thin” the way fashion dictates it, I would be ill.  Having six-pack abs?  Shit, I already have them.  You just can’t see them because I also have a taste for beer and wine, and while I’m all for healthy living, I’m also all for *enjoying* life.  I like the balance I’ve struck, so there.

Now, everyone’s body is going to respond differently, and that’s perfect.  That’s what I love about CrossFit–literally everyone can participate.  Your muscles might get long and lean (are you a long-legged, natural-born runner?).  Your muscles might get thick and round (did you grow up rasslin’ with your brother and usually winning?).  But no matter what your body type, CrossFit will look good on you.  Some things will come easier than others.  Some people will smash the cardio workouts and constantly struggle with lifts.  Others will lift strong like ox, but whimper their way through the burpees and box jumps.  That’s when you bask in the things you’re good at, and work hard to improve the things you’re not good at.  (If you’re good at both, get thee to the Games.)  No matter what, you will settle at a “weight” that looks good on you, no matter what the label on your pants says.

If I was unhealthily overweight, then yes, I would want to lose some weight.  It’s bad for your joints, your heart, all sorts of stuff to be overweight.  CrossFit is great for burning that junk off, provided you team it up with a good, clean diet.  But that’s not my situation.  My situation is that I’m simply not as strong as I think I could be.  I’ll build muscle, probably burn off some fat, and my weight is most likely going to stay right around that 160 mark.

So yeah, I don’t want to hear “You’ve lost weight!”  I want to hear “Holy shit, woman, you could crack a coconut with those thighs.”  That would be a hell of a compliment.


5 responses

  1. You and I share a very similar (description) of size, shape and weight. I also am 5’6″, and weigh in right around 160.

    I’ve often played with the idea of giving up the wine and beer…but seriously, who am I kidding, that’s a treat that I love. I’ve only been cross-fitting for 1 month, but I’m going to take 3 month pics, just so that I have my own visual comparison…from where I started. (I will post them on my blog too).

    Happy Cross-fitting, and keep on rockin those German bar-maid arms!!! I’d rather rock that, than look like a stick ANY-DAY-OF-THE-WEEK!

    1. Amen, both on rocking the biceps and not giving up beer and wine! I mean, I don’t drink a lot; Jason and I have a drink once or twice a week, usually just splitting a bottle of wine or having a cider or beer to wind down the day. We don’t make a lot of money, and that’s a pretty inexpensive indulgence.

      Progress pictures is a good idea. I don’t have any immediate “before” pictures, but I could use one of my race photos from when I was running regularly. I already look better than I did the day I ran my half-marathon PR!

      1. Yeah, we don’t drink much during the week either, unless there’s a good reason or celebration! Chris works 24 hour shifts (paramedic), so when he’s got a long weekend off, we’ll go out and have a few with dinner, and after! We don’t make much money either—but we love to make the most of our time, and we always have a blast together!

        You don’t have any pics on your blog right? You should take a current one! 🙂

        Good for you on the half-marathon…that’s incredible! I have an awe for those that run anything over a 5K! I just don’t love running that much!

  2. YES! There is just so much yes in this post I don’t even know where to start. I was so flattered by your comment on my page that I had to some and read some of you stuff. I’m so glad I did. This was hilarious and accurate. Priceless.

    1. Aw, thank you! You’re nice. 🙂 I hope I can continue to entertain!

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