Rain sweat, anyway.  Seriously, last night’s WOD had me sweating more than I think I’ve ever sweated in my life.  It was rushing down my face like I was standing under a waterfall.  I wished it was a cool, refreshing waterfall crashing down from a riverbed above while I stood in a quiet ravine with trees all around.  But no.  It was hot and salty and pouring out of the surface of my skin while Eminem screamed at me in the background.  (When you think about it, sweating is WEIRD.  It’s a natural bodily function, necessary for our health and comfort, but it is weird.  SALTY WATER COMES OUT OF YOUR SKINNNNN.  Creepy.)

Coach was trying to kill us again last night.  The woman is insane.  You know, in a good way, and she’s a good coach who pays a lot of attention to everyone during the WOD.  BUT SHE’S NUTS.  The WOD was:

  • 100 sumo deadlift high pulls, with 3 plate burpees EMOM
  • 100 weighted v-ups, with 6 hand-release pushups EMOM
  • 100 push press, with 20 dubs or 30 singles EMOM

30 minute time cap.  (I love it when there’s a cap… and I also hate it, because I know it’s going to be haaarrrrd.)

I was in group 2, so I was to start with the v-ups.  My core is quite strong; my shoulders started griping about the med ball before I felt it in my abs.  But pushups are something with which I struggle horribly.  So even though I was able to do all my v-ups in under 9 minutes, my shoulders were trembling after 54 pushups.

After my first round, I staggered over and found a 53# bar.  Rx was 65#, which I could do a few times, but not a hundred times.  I was a hot mess (literally–I was covered in dirt and chalk from rolling around on the floor and sweating like a wrung sponge) and had trouble getting through my 30 singles.  On the first minute, I was able to get 10 push press reps, and after that… I don’t know, I just fell apart.  At one point I had to take a full minute to just stand there and rest, and I could only crank out 3 or 4 reps per minute.  Coach came over to compliment my form (at least that hadn’t gone to hell) and I said, “I think I’m gonna die on this hill.”  She told me to scale the reps so I could at least get some of the SDHP in.  I was at 47 reps (and something like 17 minutes) when she said that, so I decided on the spot that I was no hero, and I was going to pull it back to 50 reps.

It’s amazing how such a small decision can really light a fire under your ass.

Those last 3 reps were the fastest ones, and I headed over to the line of kettlebells with a little more spring in my step.

I’ll admit, I still skipped some of the burpees in favor of 15 seconds’ rest.  Burpees suck, I was squirting sweat all over the place, I was already covered in shit from the pushups, and anyway, I was feeling menstrual and cranky (SORRY FOR THE TMI, GUYS).  I could have probably gone for 100 reps on the SDHP, but mentally I was done.  Just done.  So I went to 50 and tapped out at something like 25 or 26 minutes, I can’t remember.  For the first time in a WOD I chose not to do the prescribed reps.  I regret nothing.

Today is a rest day, and holy crap do I need it.  My shoulders are exhausted.  My hamstrings are exhausted.  My sweat glands are exhausted.  And on Fridays we WOD at 5:30 in the AM, so I’m taking the rest.


3 responses

  1. Sounds insane! I’m a super sweaty person too…I can’t for the life of me understand people who don’t sweat! Just strange. They’re all like “I don’t sweat, I glisten” I’m over here like, slipping on my own sweat….”YEP, I FOR SURE SWEAT…and I SWEAT MY ASS OFF!”

    Good job!

    1. Seriously. If they just “glisten,” they ain’t working hard enough.

      1. I totally agree. If I’m not DRENCHED, I don’t feel like I’m working hard enough. The headband on my head is less about holding back my hair, and more about preventing the sting of salty sweat in my eyes while lifting!

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