Saturdays are hard

Some people get to sleep in on Saturday mornings.  They go to bed late Friday, don’t set an alarm, and by the time they’ve eaten their breakfast and had their coffee, it’s almost time to be thinking about lunch.

That’s not the case for CrossFitters.  (Or anyone who has kids or a puppy or a weekend job BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT.)  We set an alarm just in case, but usually the puppy wakes us up at our normal weekday time of 6:30ish.  And we are in the box and ready to fight at 8:00.

Yesterday was, as usual, one of those multi-part, busy workouts that are impossible to log on my online whiteboard.  We split up into groups of 3; I was assigned to a group with another woman who is a bit more advanced than me, and a high school boy who I’m pretty sure doesn’t feel gravity the same way as the rest of us.  Or maybe he’s a robot.

The WOD:

  • 1500m partner row (split it up how you like, we did 500m each)
  • 800(ish)m sandbag run (one lap on our roughly triangular track; the group runs together, each person carrying the sandbag for one side of the track.  High School Boy ran last in our group; he just heaved it up on his shoulder and took off like Seabiscuit.  I can’t even run that fast without a fifty-pound bag of sand on my neck.)
  • 15 rounds of a modified Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 situps, rotating/overlapping group members so each does 5)
  • 18 rounds of a kettlebell swing/box jump ladder up (again rotating/overlapping; I did 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, and 17 reps)

After it was over, Coach (who had worked out with us, as he often does on non-lifting Saturday WODs) was sitting on the floor next to Jason and me, rolling out his back; he commented that he expected there would be a little more rest in there, but it ended up being a lot harder than he thought it would be.  He’s so funny.

The rest of the day was a long one–my mom had been hospitalized earlier in the week for some weird abdominal pain.  She’s okay now!  Back home and active and feeling fine, nothing’s wrong.  But we wanted to go visit anyway.  So we shoved the puppy in the car and drove the 2 hours northeast to visit them.  It was a good thing we decided to bring Tegan’s dinner with us; we didn’t leave their place until 9:30.  Poor Tegan didn’t nap much while we were away, so she was exhausted when we got home last night.  Little does she know she’s not going to nap much later today, either; we’re going to visit Jason’s family this afternoon.

Anyway.  We found an imperial moth in our backyard yesterday morning!  We have a few giant moths in Indiana.  I’ve seen cecropias and lunas, but not often and not recently.  If we’re going to have bugs as big as sparrows, I’d rather they be pretty, sweet, friendly moths and not “Palmetto Beetles” (which is Floridan for JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL THAT’S A GIANT FUCKING COCKROACH IT’S THE SIZE OF A KITTEN AND IT’S FLYING).


It was just sitting there like a big leaf. Tegan was interested in eating it, but I wouldn’t let her.


I was like, hey Jason, put it on your hand. He put his hand down there and the silly little creature just stepped right on, all sweet and trusting. She probably picks up hitchhikers and helps Nigerian princes who email her, too.


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