We have to earn our rest days around here.

So you know how I was all, “Wednesday is going to suck because Monday and Tuesday didn’t”?  Yeah.  It was insane.

Our coach never posts the WOD ahead of time; he has flat-out said, he doesn’t want us cherry-picking.  So we never know what awaits us on any given day when we show up.  Sometimes when we walk in for the 6:30 class, the 5:30 folks are like “Have fun with this one, it’s crazy!”  (They don’t ever comment on the fun ones…)  I don’t like it when they do that.  I want to come to my own conclusions about the suck factor, dammit!  Anyway, last night was one of those nights.  We were greeted at the door by sweating, huffing, puffing zombies clutching their towels and water bottles as if they were their only tethers to life.  Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of checking out the whiteboard before we get started, so I can get my brain prepared.  But last night Coach called me back before I got close enough to read it.  “You don’t want to know,” he says, with an evil, sadistic smile.  Oh my God.  He’s going to try to kill us.

After warm-ups, we gathered around to hear the WOD.

  • 800m run
  • 50 each, then 25 each, KB swings and box jumps
  • 400 m run
  • 50 each, then 25 each, overhead lunges and ball slams
  • 800m run

No time cap.  I think the fastest time I saw on the whiteboard was about 23 minutes, posted by one of our hotshots, so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

To avoid getting everyone stacked up on the same moves, Coach had us do them in different orders.  He assigned me to lunges, then slams, then swings, then jumps.  Cool.  Ball slams really take it out of me,  so I was happy to do them in the first round.

La la la, lunging along with a 10-pound plate.  Coach yelled at me to get my arms up–“I SEE EVERYTHING!”  I said “Like Voldemort” but he didn’t hear me.  Ugh.  Lunges.  They take forever and my butt hurts and my thighs hurt and I’m already sore from shoulder and push presses SO LET’S THROW A PLATE UP THERE TOO, YEAH THAT’S GOOD.  Ten pounds feels like nothing for a few minutes, until you take that first rest break and then lift it up again.  It’s like the CrossFit fairies came along and sprinkled the plate with lead dust.

Ball slams are getting better for me, but holy crap, they are harder than they look.  Maybe it’s because I take the “slam” part seriously, but I can’t string more than about a dozen of them together before I’m dribbling with sweat and exhaustion.  I still like them, though… it’s kind of fun, trying to make them bounce.

Out for another run, this one much slower than the first.

Back in the box!  50 KB swings.  I’m using a 30# KB these days; it’s starting to get easy on some WODs, but I was not interested in moving up to a 35-pounder for this particular WOD.  I can’t imagine why.  I had to break this one down into sets of 10, but my rest breaks were fairly short, so honestly I probably could have done longer sets.  Oh well.  My box jumps were good!  I’m getting pretty comfortable on that 14″ box.  I had to step a few of them at the beginning of the 50, but all the other reps were jumps.  I don’t jump off, though, and I’m not sure I ever will–I’m too much of a klutz.  If anyone is capable of missing the floor, it’s me.  I’m not planning on competing, so whatever.  I’m okay with losing that half a second per rep.

So I chipped away at all those things, went out for my last 800 meters, and staggered back in to fall down and die at 34:20.  My skin was hot to the touch, sweat was stinging my eyes, and I was sucking down air like a hipster sucks down PBR, but I felt good.  We sat around with the group and chit-chatted a bit about the holiday activities in our town, and we were invited to hang out with the CF180 crew for the parade.  We’ll be joining them today; we like everyone there, but we’ve never really had a chance to hang out with them outside of the box.  Since we’re new to town, it’s a good idea to get out there and be sociable.  Jason and I both have hermit tendencies; if we don’t fight them, we’ll get to the point where we never ever leave the house.

Anyway.  I’ve earned beers today, I think.  Plural beers.


One response

  1. That sounds like a really tough WOD…All that running would not be for me.

    I like that your coach doesn’t post the WOD early…I kind of wish mine didn’t either…but she said that sometimes she’ll throw extras in there (or FAKE things) just to throw people off, and when they get to the box they’ll actually see the REAL WOD.

    I like plural beers! 🙂

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