Awkward Cheerleader is Awkward

I hope everyone had a good Independence Day!  Ours was busy busy–we met up with a big group of the CF180 crew for our town’s parade.  It’s a big deal around here, apparently.  People will camp out in the park the day before to reserve their spots, and it’s sort of like in northern cities when people dig out a parking space after a snowstorm–courtesy demands that you don’t take a space you didn’t clear.  Well, for the 4th of July Parade, if your stuff is still in your space by the morning of the 4th, you’ve earned it and nobody can steal it.  And people get into it!  They will literally stake their claim, with sticks and rope.  I get the impression some would use landmines if it was legal.  Then you show up with coolers and patio grills and lawn chairs, and the whole damn town comes out for the fun.

The parade was okay, I guess, if you like parades, but mostly we just drank red and blue booze and talked bullshit with our people for three hours.  It was awesome.  I mean, we’re all friendly at the box, but Jason and I haven’t had much of a chance to really hang out socially with anyone yet.  We’re discovering we all have a lot in common, even with our differences (lots of us at the box work out as married couples, but I’m pretty sure Jason and I are the only ones who are married without children).  We went out again later that night, after we put Tegan to bed, to shoot pool and drink beers with Gary and Susannah.  We didn’t stay out very late, because we’re ooooold, but it was still fun.  And Susannah drunkenly proposed that she and I become Partner WOD Buddies always and forever, which would suit me fine because she’s a bucket of fun.

Yesterday we had a pretty easy day.  We were a little too wobbly for the 9am WOD, so we went to a matinee showing of Monsters University (loved it), then out to the local BBQ place for lunch (loved that too), then took the puppy to the park (would have loved it but the parks crew was mowing), then went home for a nap before the evening WOD.  (Phew.)  I was kind of hoping Coach would take pity on us, and he did not disappoint–we just did Grace.  30 clean & jerks for time.  I used a 63# bar and finished in 4:13.  Not too shabby, and a PR to boot!  (It was an automatic PR, since I’d not done it before, but it still counts.)  We stuck around afterward for a little while and I worked on my toes-to-bar, which means I just sort of hung on the bar and had a series of small seizures.

And then this morning… we had a nice little team WOD.  We split up into groups of 3.  The rotation went like this–one person runs 100m, one person works towards the movement total, and one person rests.  When the runner gets back, we rotate (runner works, worker rests, rester runs).  The movements and their totals:

  • 100cal row
  • 200 rope slams
  • 100 pullups
  • 150 wall balls

I have no idea how many of each thing I did.  I was the weak link on my team, but both of them were awesome and supportive.  I don’t think there’s anyone there who isn’t awesome and supportive, but karma makes me want to mention it anyway.  I try to be a good cheerleader when I’m working out with other people, but it always comes out weird.  Today’s examples–“Good job, Trina, slap a hole in the floor!” and “You’re doing awesome!  The ball weighs nothing!  It’s full of feathers!”  I passed Jason going the opposite direction during one of the run laps–he said “Good job, Shanelle!” and I replied “Heeeeyyyyy!”  (At least he already knows how I am.)  Anyway, it was a fun workout, but I’m ready for a rest day tomorrow.

The rest of today will be filled with errands (dog food, work gloves, and chocolate are on the shopping list), lunch, and knitting, hopefully with something good on the TV.  I’m really looking forward to it.


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