Movin’ On Up to the Beast Side

I got a lot of Likes on my last post with the pooping katydid.  Which just goes to show, poop is universally funny.  (Actually, they might have been Liking it because of the pretty butterfly or the pretty zinnias and not the nasty pooping bug, but it’s my blog and I like to think it was totally the katydid.)  What I didn’t tell you is that the poop ended up clinging to the katydid’s butt, so it slowly lifted one of those spindly little hind legs and kicked the poop across the porch.  I’m not sure I can accurately describe the glee I experienced upon witnessing such a miracle of nature, but I can tell you any bystander would think I was 32 going on 9.  That was comedy gold, my friends.  Living the country is the best.

Last night’s WOD was a good one.  Short and sweet and exhausting.  First we did some back squats.  3 sets, 5-5-5+, increasing the weight on each set.  My weights were 90, 100, and 115; I did 5, 5, and… 5.  And that last rep of the last set very nearly didn’t make it up.  I need to concentrate on getting my butt down; on lighter weight squats I have no problem putting ass to grass, but when I get up to triple digits I’m hesitant to get too low.  What goes up must come down, but the opposite is most definitely not true.  It’s entirely possible to go down and stay there until your bar buddies come to your rescue.

Anyway, after that, we had just one round:

  • 800m run
  • 500m row
  • 80 KB swings

Jason said he looked at it and thought, “only one round?  That’s not much of a workout.”  I looked at it and thought, “EIGHTY KETTLEBELL SWINGS?!  I’ll be here all night!”

We have 6 rowers in our gym, and there were about 16 of us in the class last night.  So Coach divided us into heats, with the fastest people going first so we didn’t get bottlenecked on the rowers.  I was in the second group, which was pretty gratifying.  I think I’m sloooooow.  But Coach obviously doesn’t think I’m the slowest person there, so yay.

I was the slowest runner in the second round.  I watched the girl ahead of me getting smaller and smaller on the track ahead of me, and I finished my run all alone.  But I hopped on that rower and busted out my 500m in about 2 minutes.  I haven’t rowed a 500m for a PR yet, but I think I could probably get it done in about 1:50.  So a 2 minute 500m after an 800m run suits me just fine.  (And I outrowed the other girl by kind of a lot; she was on her rower before me, but I was on my KB before her.  I glanced over at one point; I was on a 2:02 pace, and she was on a 2:37 pace.  NOT THAT IT’S A COMPETITION OR ANYTHING.  But it was a good motivator to keep pulling hard.)

Aaaand then it was on to the kettlebells.  Eighty of them.  In my head, that was a pile.  A mountain.  I know it’s a matter of breaking them down into manageable sets, but even sets of ten makes it a pile of eight sets.  Bleh.  I chalked up, hovered protectively over my 30# KB while I sucked air for a moment, then I got to work.

I don’t know how, but I managed to get it done in 4 sets of 20.  I finished the last swing, looked at the clock to note my time (11:37, not too shabby) and laid right down on the floor to drown in my sweat for a minute.  When I opened my eyes, Coach was standing right there by my shoulder, looking down at me.  He gave me a questioning, “You ok?” thumbs-up, and I replied with an “I’m ok/America, Fuck Yeah/There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident” thumbs-up (my brain was melting down pretty hardcore at that moment).  And then I panted out “I did four twenties!” and Coach was all “What?  NICE!!!” and and at that moment, I finally for the first time thought… I’m not too bad at this stuff.

Seriously, that one piddly round made me feel really, really good about my CrossFit progress.  Two months and change ago, I could only manage maybe 8 or 9 kettlebell swings–with a 25# KB–before I had to put it down and rest.  Now I can manage 20+ with a 30# one, and even that is starting to feel almost easy–it won’t be long before I’m moving up to the prescribed weight (LOL WAT?). 

I still can’t do a boy pushup, but I’m working on it.


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