Let’s Talk About Sweat, Baby

Last night’s WOD was fairly unremarkable, honestly.

For one minute each, as many reps as possible, we did:

  • Burpees
  • Snatches (55# for the ladies, I can’t remember what the men’s weight was)
  • Box jumps (24″/20″, jump or step as you are able)
  • Thrusters (same weight as snatches)
  • Pullups

3 rounds, with 1 minute’s rest between each round, scored by total reps.  I got 140 reps, most of those being on the box jumps steps.

What was remarkable was the incredible amount of sweat my body produced.  CrossFit in July, guys.  I feel like we might be directly contributing to sea levels rising.  You could build an ark and float for forty days and forty nights.  We are the apocalypse.  I’m so sorry, everyone, all we wanted was to get fit and have fun doing it.  

Here is a brief list of activities that I think would not get me as soaked as I was last night:

  1. Showering.
  2. Swimming.
  3. Getting caught in a rainstorm.
  4. Falling out of a boat.
  5. Dunk tank.
  6. Super Soaker ambush.

I have trained for a half-marathon through the summer heat.  I did summer stock theatre in Florida two years in a row.  Last summer, Jason and I climbed a damn mountain in Arkansas during a record-breaking heat wave (I think it was about 104 degrees by noon that day).  And still, I have never sweated as much as I did during last night’s WOD.  I mean sure, my shirt is usually pretty wet by the time we’re finished, and I have sweat dribbling down my face and neck.  My legs and arms might be a little damp.  Last night, however, I was slimy.  Slippery.  Soaked.  Saturated.  (So many S-words to describe “really, really, really wet.”) 

After the last round, I sat down to rest and drink some water, and I swiped some of the sweat off the side of my leg–only to watch more bubble up to the surface like spring water.  It was fascinating, like watching kittens being born, or seeing a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.  I don’t think I have ever actually witnessed the birth of a drop of sweat, but there it was.  On my leg.  Where it usually isn’t.

I think the humidity is even higher today than it was yesterday.  This could be interesting.


One response

  1. you make me laugh….every post! Hillarious! Keep it up. I am a seriously sweaty person even before I started crossfit….now, I’m sweating by the warm-up. SERIOUSLY….SWEATY EVERYTHING!

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