I shouldn’t be cleaning.

Haha, that’s funny, after yesterday’s housekeeping lament.  I’m talking about the Olympic clean, though.  (Olympic cleaning–vacuum one room, dust-mop four rooms, wipe down 3 sinks, wash elebenty-billion dishes, wash/fold/put away 3 loads of laundry for time.  I would lose so hard.  Big, fat DNF.)  Last night’s WOD started off with back squats–3 sets, 3-3-3+ reps.  I was a little concerned about my bitchy back, but it didn’t give me too much trouble.  I managed 95, 115, and 125, with 4 reps on the heaviest set.

Then the met con.  It was a partner WOD, which went something like this:

  • Partner 1 does 7 thrusters.
  • Partner 2 holds the bar overhead while Partner 1 does 7 burpee over-box jumps.  If Partner 2 drops the bar, Partner 1 has to pause.
  • Switch places, so Partner 2 does her 7 thrusters (Partner 1 rests), Partner 1 takes the bar and holds it overhead while Partner 2 does her burpees.

3 rounds of that, so each person does each thing three times.  Then run one lap on our track, which is basically 800m.  Then come back in and do the same stinking thing, with a heavier bar.

Jessie and I used a 45# bar for the first round, and we upped it to 55# for the second, finishing in 28:something (we were among the slowest ones in the box, mainly because it was so damn hot).  The thrusters didn’t hurt.  Holding the bar overhead didn’t hurt (in fact I kind of liked it).  Even the burpees didn’t hurt.  Cleaning the bar into rack position to prepare for thrusters or overhead hold?  That hurt.  Even with such a light bar.  So I think I know what I need to avoid until my back feels better.  Cleaning.  The heavy kind, not the household kind.  (Damn.)

Today is a rest day, and I will take good advantage of it.  I have lots of lovely knitting to do, I’ve started re-watching The Office from the beginning (for what feels like the 100th time, why yes I do have Seasons 1-4 almost entirely memorized, why do you ask?), and I have no reason to go to town today, so I will stay at home in my pajamas and knit and hang out with Jim and Dwight and okay, yeah, I’ll do a load of laundry and I guess I should pick up the poop in the yard.  It’s getting a little minefieldy out there.


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