She’s baa-aaaack!

Was it really only one week ago that I went to the 5:30am and had to wimp out?  Crazy.  It feels like a month.  And I know I didn’t really lose much in that week, but I sort of feel like I’m starting all over.

But you know what, starting over, whether real or perceived, is infinitely better than continuing to sit on Injured Reserve.  Knitting is fun, and re-watching The Office feeds my soul (well… up to Season 7, anyway; 8 and 9 are just sort of meh), but when I don’t go to CrossFit, Jason’s is pretty much the only human face I see all day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love his face!  It’s pretty much my favorite face ever.  But even though I am a strong introvert, I feel a little flat when I don’t get any interaction with people.  CrossFit fills that need perfectly.  Everyone’s busy, so I don’t have to make painful small talk, and even the small talk I do engage in is by default about the WOD, so it’s not too difficult to sound like I give half a shit about the topic.  (I do give a shit about the WOD!  I give way more than half a shit, in fact–possibly even multiple shits!)  And more importantly, there’s a finite amount of time spent there.  It’s not like open-ended gatherings; there’s no agonizing over “What is an appropriate amount of time to stay here?  Is ten minutes enough?”  I go in, we chat for a couple minutes, we warm up, we work out, we cool down, and we leave.  At no point do I get distracted by plotting my escape.  I’m too busy sweating and sucking air.

Anyway, so… I worked out this morning!  And our coach had a WOD planned that I could easily phone in if I needed to.  We did a card game.  We ignored values, so all number cards were 10 reps, and aces/faces were 15.  The four movements were:

  • Push press (95/65 Rx, but I used 53#)
  • High wall balls (ladies throw to guys’ line; guys throw to 2 cinder blocks above that)
  • Toes to bar (or knees to chest, if you’re like me)
  • Overhead weighted walking lunges (I used a 15# plate)
  • Jokers = 800m run
  • 20 minute AMRAP.

I ended up with 25 knee raises, 30 wall balls, and 35 each of push press and lunges.  I totally wussed out on the wall ball–I used the 8-pounder.  And I had to be super-aware of bracing my trunk every time I cleaned the bar for the push press, because catching the clean still hurts, even at just 53#.  But at no point did my eyeballs pop out of their sockets, so that’s good.  I think I’m on the mend.

I did have a prize-winning klutz moment.  I managed to whack myself in the face with the 15# plate when I was setting up for my lunges.  That shit hurt.  I also brushed my chin with the bar during a push press, but that only barely made contact so I don’t think it counts.  Honestly, that sort of crap scares me more than just about anything else in CrossFit.  I just know I’m going to lose a tooth one of these days.

But not today.  Today was just a whack on the nose and a couple minutes of “Is it bleeding?  I hope it’s not bleeding.”

It’s good to be back.


2 responses

  1. Good to hear you’re back!!! IN ACTION!

    I had a klutz moment on Wednesday too…we were doing split jerks and we decided to do the last round with the last lady to finish….so we were doing 5 split jerks, and on the 4th one I knocked myself in the chin (was happy that I didn’t chip a tooth, or break one). Finished the WOD. And of course I had to tell my coach afterwards. She’s like “I bet you’ll never do that again,” I said…I wouldn’t. hahaha!

    Felt like a dummy. I’ll always admit it though.

    1. Those overhead push moves are treacherous! In my very first WOD ever, I cracked myself under the chin–with my lip between my teeth, so I started bleeding all over the place. Aaaaaand Coach was standing right there watching.

      I’m glad you didn’t break a tooth, too!

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