Better late than never

Okay, so I’m getting to this a little late today.  Sorry.  I started re-reading the Earth’s Children series, and that’s basically all I did today.  I think this is the third time I’ve read those books?  I’m one of those people.  When I find a book I love, I will read it over and over and over until my copy falls apart and then I buy it again and read it over and over and over.  If that book is part of a series?  I have to read the whole series, in order.  Every time.  Even the volumes I don’t love as much as the others (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I’m looking at you).

The Earth’s Children books are pretty new in my library of favorites (obviously, if I’ve only gotten through them twice before).  I think I just discovered them a little less than two years ago.  They’re not perfect–they tend to be wordy, the lead character is a little too infallible, and there is way too much caveman sex, but the amount of research that went into the whole series is absolutely staggering, and if you have even a passing interest in survival stories or the history of humankind, they are fascinating.  (I just skim through the caveman sex parts.  It doesn’t offend me… it’s just that there is a lot of caveman sex.  And there are only so many ways you can describe fellatio before it gets a little repetitive.)

Anyway.  Saturday’s WOD!  Another doozy, but this was one pretty fun, and not nearly as demoralizing as the previous Saturday.  We were split into teams of 4, and did a little circuit around the room.  8 minutes per station, with 2 minutes’ rest between each one, working continuously through each minute.

  • KB swings/ball slams.  One minute on each for four rounds.
  • Double-unders or singles–one minute on, one minute off.
  • Sled complex: pull the sled, with 80# loaded on it, across the room to you (about 75 feet).  Push it back to where it started.  Setup on that end was a tire and a sledgehammer; hit the tire with the hammer 20 times or until the next person behind you completes the sled push, whichever comes first.  Lunge back to your starting place, do 8 burpees, and start again.
  • Situps/pushups.  Similar to the first round–one minute on each movement, four rounds.  The pushups were performed on a bar with bumper plates, sitting on the floor braced against the pullup rig.  The lift from the bar made the actual push part easier, but the bar wanted to spin in the plates, so there was some stabilization going on there that added a little bit of difficulty.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had fun with that WOD!  Especially the sled complex–maybe it’s because we don’t get to play with the sleds all that often, but I freaking loved pulling and pushing that thing around the room.  The sledgehammer was fun, too, if a little awkward at first (I would not have been one bit surprised if I’d managed to whack myself in the shin).  Most of all, I loved that it based on time, not reps.  38 minutes and we were finished.  I guess I should have been counting my total reps, but I didn’t and I don’t care.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful–we just stayed home.  And it was nice.



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