Rest day good.

As hard as it is sometimes to get up at a quarter to dark in the morning and Rusty-Tin-Man my way through the warmup, I have yet to suffer a Friday 5:30am WOD that truly sucks.  I know it’s the same workout the later sessions will use, but it always seems to take a little less out of me than usual.  Maybe it’s because I’m coming off a rest day, or maybe I’m just too tired to think much about it.

Anyway, today we gathered ’round while Coach instructed us to pair up and do 3×5 front squats.  “Work up to something fairly heavy, because the WOD weight is 95 and 65, and you’ll want that to feel pretty light.  Once you’re done with your sets I’ll tell you the WOD.”  I thought that sounded suspiciously like thrusters (and like he was avoiding telling us about thrusters), and I said as much to my partner.  She was all, Gawd I hope not, but we did as we were told and did 65#, 75#, and 85#, and we all had some gas in the tank so we threw another couple 5s on there and did a set of 95#.

About fifteen minutes later, once we’d all finished out squats, he told us the WOD.  8 minute ladder up, thrusters and kettlebell swings.  (TOTALLY CALLED IT, Y’ALL.  BOOM.)  You show me one person who doesn’t hate thrusters as much as they hate burpees, and I’ll turn them around and show you a big fat liar.  I jumped on the chance to go first, so I could just get it over with.  My partner and I agreed, while we were certainly capable of a 65# thruster, we weren’t capable of surviving more than, like, three of them.  So we went and got a girly bar and made it 53#.  She used a 30# KB, and I am bound and determined that all my KBs shall now be Rx.  I can’t Rx much, but I can Rx that.  SO I DID.

Thank the Lord that eight minutes goes pretty quickly when you’re sweating balls and sucking air.  After my first few rounds, I glanced at the clock every time I started another set of thrusters, and it was strangely encouraging to see that so much time had passed–it made me want to work that much harder, because I was that much closer to being done.  “Just one more round” and all that.  When Coach bellowed that we had one more minute, I was just starting another round of thrusters, and hot damn did I want to finish that round.

Sad trombone… I ended up with 7 full rounds and fifteen reps.  If you’re counting (AND I WAS), that’s one piddly little swing short of a full round.  Ooooh, I was mad.  I swung it anyway, just to appeal to my sense of order, but I wrote on the whiteboard, “Shanelle – 7 + 15 (MF!!!!!!!!)”  If only I hadn’t needed to pause for chalk before my last set!  Wah-wah.

Crossfit always sets a good tone for the rest of the day.  We get home from the box half an hour before we’d even be hitting snooze on any other weekday, and we’re already bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so there’s no rushing.  We can play with the puppy for a little bit, enjoy breakfast at a relaxing pace, and Jason gets out the door when he’s supposed to (and not ten minutes late, like almost every day).

And on this particular day, my bestie is coming over!  Ever since moving out to the corn, I don’t see much of my friends anymore, and while I love living out here, I miss them, particularly Bestie.  We were also housemates for three years during college and almost four years afterward, and we spent so much time at each other’s apartments when we weren’t living together that we still felt like roomies.  So it’s a little weird now, since she moved away and then I moved away… we still only live about an hour apart, but for years she was either across the hall or within a few miles.  It’s not just the distance that gets in the way–her job is busy and erratic when mine is quiet, and vice-versa.  So it can be really difficult to find time to hang out.

But today, she is… doing something work-related, I don’t know what, at a library near me, and she’ll be done there by mid-afternoon.  It’s a little out of her way to stop by here on her way home, but not too much, and she wants to meet my new puppy (and, you know, hang out with her awesome friend me).  Hopefully she can stay until Jason gets home, and we’ll all go out and get dinner and it will be great.

And I really, really hope she notices my guns, because I’ve been working hard on these puppies and nobody has seen them yet!  Except Jason, but he’s got his own guns.  So it’s not the same.

Have an excellent weekend, my friends!  When next I post… I’ll be back to work.  Oh listen, another sad trombone…


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  1. I bet she’ll notice your guns!!! Have fun with your bestie!

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