Aaaaand my summer is over.

This weekend was my last precious moment of freedom before I shoulder the yoke that is a full-time job in the theatre.

I’m not a workaholic, not by any stretch.  But my job is basically my other husband, and it’s way more demanding than my real one.  Jason is an absolute star when it comes to putting up with the eccentricities of my occupation.  I work a lot of nights and weekends and some holidays, I rarely have more than one day off a week, my schedule is always changing, and it’s difficult (sometimes impossible) to schedule time off for family things or special occasions.  I had to compromise to get time off for our wedding and honeymoon.  All that said, I do like my job.  Sometimes I even love it.  And I’m good at it.  The pay is shit, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Anyway, so we ended up going to the Indiana State Fair on Sunday!  I love the State Fair–I keep saying I’m going to enter something in the fair someday.  There’s the knitting, of course, and I know how to make quilts, and they also have a competition for backyard gardeners that is free to enter.  No prize money, but you get a ribbon if you place.  Maybe someday I’ll even show a chicken!  (Why yes, I was a 4H kid, how did you ever guess.)

One of my favorite things about the State Fair is that my Paleo sensibilities get checked at the gate.  The State Fair is for eating All The Fried Things.  Granted, this year I’m broke and my awesome parents were footing the bill, so I only had a giant corndog and an ice cream cone.  But hot diggity damn that corndog made me happy.

And Saturday’s WOD was another tough one, so I feel like I earned the corndog.  It was a 2-part, 3-person team WOD, with a few minutes’ rest between the parts.

First Part: start each round at 3 minutes.  Work one after another , each partner starting in turn after the person ahead finishes their movement.  8cal row, 20 wall balls, 20 ball slams.  5 rounds.

Second Part: same rotational setup as the first part.  12 burpees, “parking lot run” (which is maybe around 100m-ish), 10 push press, 20 double unders OR 30 singles.

I felt really, really good on the first part.  I don’t especially like rowing, but I’m among the faster women in the box, so I guess I’m doing something right.  I definitely don’t like wall balls, but I’m getting better at them.  I felt a little lame because every time I got up behind Anne after the row, she was done and I had to start right in on the wall balls without any rest, but during the break she confessed she was only doing 15 reps.  I did get maybe ten seconds’ rest after each set of ball slams, so I didn’t die completely.  It was a really tough 15 minutes, though.

And the we got to Part Two and the wheels fell off.  I mean, it took me about a minute just to do the burpees.  And then I was all wobbly on the run.  Then I needed to suck air for a bit before I picked up the bar.  And I was so tired I couldn’t do more than 15 or 16 singles without messing myself up.  I never did do 10 push press on each round–I did 5 at 53# and that was quite hard enough.  After the first round, I didn’t do 12 burpees, either.  I think I did 10, then 6.  And I sat out a full round.  Our timing was all messed up anyway, because no way in hell were we getting through all of that in three minutes.

Maybe I phoned it in, but maybe I don’t care.  I was still sweating enough to fill a bathtub.


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