Not so very long ago, I was in my early 20s, living it up like most 20somethings do. Staying up late, drinking maybe a little more beer than was advisable, eating my vegetables as long as they were in the form of onion rings. I can’t really pinpoint when it happened, but somewhere along the line, around age 26, I started thinking how I should probably be a little more responsible by the time I turn that magical “30” page. After all, unmarried, childless 20somethings are still kids and can get away with a bit of idiocy. 30 means YOU’RE AN ADULT AND YOU SHOULD ACT LIKE IT.

Well. 30 came and went. I did get my shit more-or-less together before I put 29 behind me forever (I even found a husband! Well, my husband as of October 2012, but I found him when I was 28, so it counts), but there was still–and honestly, always will be–room for improvement. Helpy types will refer to it as “growth,” but I just think of it as “getting better.” Better at being a responsible grown-up who eats willingly eats vegetables that haven’t been battered and fried.

This here blog is a record of my efforts to grow the eff up. It might be a travelog of my journey to the world of physical fitness, which has always been like a planet where other people live–other people who are faster, leaner, stronger, and possibly another species altogether. (I’m still building my spaceship.) It might be where I talk about creative endeavors like crafting and cooking. I craft to maintain my sanity, and I cook because we’re a Paleo household and, well, being Paleo forces you to form a sort of love-hate relationship with your kitchen. It’s… a lot of cooking.  Finally, it might be my little corner of the net to talk about my latent farming desires.  I want chickens and a garden and goats and beeves because Paleo.

I’m doing this stuff for myself, but I’m also doing it to share with others. I hope you see things you like here. Maybe you’ll be inspired to board (or help build) my spaceship to Planet Badass. Maybe you develop an interest in an ancestral-type diet and look for ideas. Maybe you just want to look at funny embroidered pictures of poop. (I KNOW THAT’S MY FAVORITE PART.) Whatever the reason for your visit, I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re happy.


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