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I don’t know if it’s the 3 months of virtually zero rain or the days on end of triple-digit temperatures we’ve been having this summer, or maybe both, but for weeks I’ve been dreaming lately of cool weather, cloudy skies, and snuggly, cozy knitted sweaters.  I know, there’s nothing like living in a blast furnace to make you want a lapful of wool, right?  I think there’s something wrong with me.

Anyway, so not only have I been in the mood to knit something that I can’t even think about wearing for another three months, I’ve got a big fat stash I’ve slowly been chipping away at for the last year or so.  The problem is that most of my yarn was purchased without a project in mind, and sometimes coming up with a pattern to match existing yarn is challenging, especially if said yarn was acquired so long ago that they don’t even make it anymore, let alone carry the same color in case I run short.
AND–I’ve been really wanting to expand my design skills.  I know I’ll never be able to make a living off my knitting, but if I can design a pattern here and there and sell a copy occasionally on Ravelry, I can at least keep myself in yarn.

So, with all those things in mind, I picked out some yarn from stash, came up with a design in my head, and started sketching out cables and schematics.  It wasn’t long before I realized my swatch would be the biggest swatch I’ve ever knitted in my life.  It was going to bigger than some entire projects.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like swatching.  I am an obedient knitter, so I swatch on every project where size matters, but I think it is boring and it feels a little like the knitting bureaucracy is forcing you to wade through its stupid red tape.  You’re all excited to start a project, you’ve got the yarn in your hands, you get to try out the stitch pattern, you spend a couple hours working on it, BUT THAT IS NOT REAL KNITTING, THAT IS SWATCHING AND IT IS ONLY FOR MEASURING.  It facilitates the end result, but it does not directly contribute to the end result, which can be frustrating when you really just want to get going.  Take into account that my monster swatch is easily four times the size of a typical swatch, and… yeah.  It’s not just a swatch, it’s Sasquatch.

So imagine my surprise, la la la, knitting the ribbing (which by the way I also hate), and… it looks like it will be about the size of a sweater front.  I knit a couple inches, hold the knitted piece up to my hips, and voila!  Hem!  No seriously, it is exactly the size I would want it to be if I were knitting the ribbing for real.  Granted, this is without going for a swim the way a real completed swatch would do, but Sasquatch is no ordinary swatch and I’m willing to bend the rules to avoid knitting the ribbing (oh God the ribbing, I hate it so much) twice.

So I am breaking the knitting rules, and I am declaring Sasquatch to be Sweater Front.  I may regret that decision, because I haven’t yet completed a full repeat of the most elaborate cable involved, but I trust Sasquatch.  He wouldn’t lie to me.  This is going to work, I know it will.


You want pictures?  I got pictures.

See? That is one big swatch. IT IS SASQUATCH.

This yarn loves the cables. And the cables love the yarn. It’s a big ol’ love-in on my sweater front. I’m sorry if that sounds gross.