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Endure the sprints

Oh, the 5:30am on Friday.  There’s nothing quite like working out in your sleep.  Also, I would like to point out that by now, it is clearly obvious that we are moving away from the summer solstice.  Around then, it was nearly dawn when we set out for the box at 5:15.  Now, though, it is still completely and totally dark, and it starts to get light once we’ve warmed up and we’re starting the WOD.  By winter, it won’t even be light by the time we leave the box at 6:30.  But that’s still a long way off, so I’ll not worry about it yet.  (Actually, I won’t worry about it at all, because I kind of like winter.  I’M A KNITTER.  I HAVE WOOL.  But I realize most people think there’s something wrong with me when I say that, so I mostly keep it to myself.  Until now, because it’s on the internet for all to see.  MOVING ON.)

This morning’s WOD was a sort of sprint/endurance combination.  A “sprindurance,” if you will.

  • 100m row
  • 5 lateral burpee box jumps
  • 15 snatch
  • 800m run

3 RFT.  The snatch weights were fairly low; 75/53, and Coach also had some empty 45# bars lying out for scaling.

I’m not the worst rower in our box.  In fact, in my heat, I was the first one off the rower.  Burpees pulled me back down to the middle of the pack… and then the snatch did its usual “Imma-kill-you” thing.  I can snatch 53 pounds, no problem.  Fifteen times, though?  Huh.  Not quickly.  Coach actually said I could scale with front squats, if I wanted to; I was really sore in the traps and shoulders this morning, and whining about it.  But no, I was just being a giant baby.  I wasn’t that sore.  So I went ahead and snatched.  Slowly.

The run, though… this summer has been delightfully cool, almost the whole time.  We’ve had, like, two really hot weeks, but mostly it’s been below normal–way below normal, in some cases.  My garden does not approve, and my tomatoes especially hate it, but CrossFit?  CrossFit has been quite nice.  Oh yeah, today’s run.  I felt like a damn gazelle.  The air was cool and dry and slightly breezy, and in the dark it’s easy to feel like you’re running way faster than you really are.  I was out there running all by myself (except for the last lap, when Jason passed me), and I just loved it.  I really don’t like running all that much, but when everything falls into place and the conditions are perfect… I like that.

Anyway, now I’m home, the house is relatively tidy, and my in-laws just left.  They had a little two-seat porch glider they didn’t have room for anymore, so they gave it to us.  They also brought us a couple things from their garden.  So now I think I will curl up with a good book and listen to the wind for the rest of the day.  Maybe with some tea.  It’s that kind of day.

One more week of freedom, then it’s hellooooo theatre season!