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Oh, my God, you guys.

Our puppy is so ugly right now.  Seriously, I still love her, I will always love her, but at the moment she’s going through a reeeeally awkward growth spurt, and she has been savagely, mercilessly beaten with the ugly stick.  Her legs are all skinny and weird, and she’s oddly lanky for a Corgi, but the main thing is her head.  Oh my GOD does she look stupid.  Half her teeth are missing, so she’s got constant Derp Tongue, and she’s got a big bump on her snoot where the cartilage hasn’t caught up with the bone.  What’s worse, she’s got crazy, buggy pug eyes right now.  And they have different degrees of buggyness.  Her right eye pops just a fraction more than her left, so it’s always wandering off to the east while her left eye looks straight ahead.  Also we haven’t had rain, so the pollen counts are awful, so she’s got drippy eyes and her face is always stained.  And to cap it all off, the poor ugly thing doesn’t feel good.  She’s tired from the growth spurt, and her teeth hurt like a sonofabitch, so she’s afraid to eat her dinner.  The last two meals have been a mix of soaked kibble and ground beef, so she doesn’t have to chew much, and she wants to eat it out of a HAND, not out of her BOWL.  She’s got just four more baby teeth to lose, from what I can tell–one molar and three canines.  When that molar comes out, I think she’ll feel a whole lot better.  It’s loose, and I want to pull it so badly, but I don’t feel like losing a finger so I’ll just leave it alone.

On a positive note, her adult coat is growing in, and it is gorgeous, all wavy and bright red.  I mostly try to focus on that and just avoid looking at her face.

Oh hi!  It’s been a week.  Between my own fight with the pollen count (I don’t normally suffer from allergies but holy crap my head feels like a bubble of snot), puppy not feeling well, and going straight from work to CrossFit to cooking/eating dinner to spending quality time with my darling to bed… my days have been jam-packed, and blogging has taken a backseat.  Later on in my work season, as we start getting shows running and I’m at home during the day more often, it’ll be a little easier to post regularly.  In the meantime, things will probably stay a little sporadic.

What have we been up to at CrossFit?

Last Saturday was the typical cardio-heavy, time-intensive, partner WOD.  Coach often joins us in working out, so he rarely programs any heavy lifting.  It’s mostly bodyweight movements that don’t require him to keep an eagle eye on everyone.  It was stuff like box jumps, double unders, and a really fun station (no, seriously) that was a 10-minute AMRAP of ball slams, slam ball cleans, and slam ball wall balls.  Wall balls are very different with the slam ball, and I kind of liked it better, although my tendency of catching the ball with my face made me a little nervous (I only did it twice).

Monday was for finding our 1-rep max on strict press, back squats, and power cleans.  I PR’d on two of the three!  My strict press went up to a whopping 68#.  My power clean went to 98# (I wanted that 103# so badly but it wasn’t happening).  My back squat ended up tied with my PR of 143#–I brain-farted trying 148# and went straight to 153#, and it was uggggly.  I didn’t even go for three fails, the first two were so bad.  I needed help bailing out of one of them; I lost my balance and started tipping forward, and there was no way I could chuck it off backward.  Scared the crap out of the coach, but I was fine.  It did highlight my lack of range-of-motion in my lower half.  I always thought it was pretty good, but clearly it needs work, since the bar got ahead of me.

Tuesday was Helen!  400m run, 21 KB swings, and 12 pullups.  I sort-of PR’d; my time went up by 20 seconds, but I was able to Rx the kettlebell part, so I’m calling it a win.  I finished in 14:14 with jumping pullups.  Next goal is to start working on banded pullups (the blue band is not enough, but adding the green band makes it too easy).

Wednesday was a Tabata.  *grumble grumble*  20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of trying not to barf rest, for 4 minutes on each movement.  Box jumps, which I am SUPER proud of because it was a 20″ box and I jumped EVERY REP, situps, sumo deadlift high pulls, front squats, and hand-release pushups.  My scores were 5, 11, 8, 5, and 6.  That one killed me–I was okay Wednesday evening, but I got gradually more sore through the day yesterday, mostly in the abs and quads, which brings us up to…

…today.  A series of AMRAPs!  3 minutes of 3 deadlifts/3 burpees.  3 minutes’ rest.  Then 6 minutes of 6 squat cleans/6 burpees.  Then 6 minutes’ rest.  Then 9 minutes of 9 snatches/9 burpees.  The deadlift round was fine–115#, and I got through 5 rounds + 4 reps.  Then the wheels fell off.  I don’t like squat cleans on a good day; catching the bar in a squat is scary (I am super careful with my squat, and I don’t like to move through it quickly).  And today wasn’t a good day.  I did my first round at 75#, then I took off the little plates and did 2 more rounds with 65#.  3 rounds in 6 minutes.  Not great.  The snatch round wasn’t too bad, I guess… I was just tired.  I briefly considered snatching the empty 45# bar, but remembering my snatch failure from last week pushed me to make it 55#.  And that was fine.  I got it up.  It hurt, and I had to rest a lot, but I got it up and it wasn’t ugly.  I managed 2 rounds and 9 reps on that.

And now I’m home, bills are paid (pennies are being pinched til they squeak, but bills are paid), and we’re looking at a gorgeous long weekend (4 days, in my case!), which hopefully will bring some badly-needed rain.

All we need is a puppy that doesn’t look like a mutant.  That might take a while.


I’m not dead yet!

My laptop, on the other hand… it has kicked the bucket.  Given up the ghost.  Shuffled off its mortal coil.  Shat the bed.  Last Thursday morning, I was sitting in my chair, having my coffee, and the wheezy old thing just died in my arms.  I wasn’t sorry, because the stupid thing was a piece of crap, but a new computer isn’t exactly in the budget right now.  I was planning on replacing it closer to Christmastime, after I had gotten some full-size paychecks in the bank, but I guess old Delilah (that was her name) was needed in Computer Heaven sooner than that.  My mom, bless her, offered to buy me a new computer.  I said no… but I also said if she wanted to front the money for a new computer, I would pay her back.  So that’s what happened.  I have a shiny new computer and I love it–mostly just because it works properly.  I’m not exactly a tech geek.  (Also I’m way better at naming computers now.  This one is Tits McGee.)

I’ve still been CrossFitting regularly, on our normal 5-a-week routine.  I’m not going to do a full recap, because I didn’t set any PRs or anything (with the exception of my automatic-PR-by-way-of-being-the-first Cindy, which was 14 rounds + 5 reps and a skinned knee from doing girl pushups).  My favorite WOD of the last week was last Friday morning.  We had a mountain of lifts (or rather, an avalanche, since the rep count went down on each round.  It was:

  • 50 deadlifts
  • 45 back squats
  • 40 power cleans
  • 35 push press
  • 30 sumo deadlift high pull
  • 25 hang cleans
  • 20 front squats
  • 15 thrusters
  • 10 snatches
  • 5 overhead squats

This was performed with a partner, so we got some rest in there, and we were able to switch off with each other however we wanted.  My partner and I used a 63# bar and did sets of 10 until we got to the front squats, when we switched to sets of 5.  We finished in 33:04, and were one of the very few groups in the box who were able to complete it within the 40 minute time limit.  Granted, we were not doing it Rx’d; I would have been ok with the Rx weight of 75#, until I got to the snatches.  Then I’d have a problem.

Speaking of problems with my snatch…

This morning was my least favorite WOD of the last week.  I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m still sore from the rest of the week, I had a fairly physically-demanding week at work, and I’m pretty sure I was low on my water intake yesterday, so I was sort of doomed from the beginning.  We started off with a 10-minute EMOM of 3 power snatches.  My partner and I were on a 65# bar, and I could.not. put that stupid bar over my head.  I could get it as high as my chin and no higher.  I had no drive in my hips and I couldn’t generate any amount of shrug, not even a little bit.  I was soooo tired.  Coach gave me the go-ahead to do clean & jerks instead, but I was just so aggravated.  After that, we did 100 burpees for time.  I wish I was joking.  I finished in 13:34, and I was the second-to-last finisher, but I finished.  And they were good reps.  And hopefully that means neither snatch nor burpee will make an appearance in tomorrow’s WOD.

So that’s been the last week.  CrossFit, back at work (where not one person has commented on my sick pythons), getting a lot of reading done in the absence of a computer.

It’s really, really nice to be online again.

Aaaaand my summer is over.

This weekend was my last precious moment of freedom before I shoulder the yoke that is a full-time job in the theatre.

I’m not a workaholic, not by any stretch.  But my job is basically my other husband, and it’s way more demanding than my real one.  Jason is an absolute star when it comes to putting up with the eccentricities of my occupation.  I work a lot of nights and weekends and some holidays, I rarely have more than one day off a week, my schedule is always changing, and it’s difficult (sometimes impossible) to schedule time off for family things or special occasions.  I had to compromise to get time off for our wedding and honeymoon.  All that said, I do like my job.  Sometimes I even love it.  And I’m good at it.  The pay is shit, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Anyway, so we ended up going to the Indiana State Fair on Sunday!  I love the State Fair–I keep saying I’m going to enter something in the fair someday.  There’s the knitting, of course, and I know how to make quilts, and they also have a competition for backyard gardeners that is free to enter.  No prize money, but you get a ribbon if you place.  Maybe someday I’ll even show a chicken!  (Why yes, I was a 4H kid, how did you ever guess.)

One of my favorite things about the State Fair is that my Paleo sensibilities get checked at the gate.  The State Fair is for eating All The Fried Things.  Granted, this year I’m broke and my awesome parents were footing the bill, so I only had a giant corndog and an ice cream cone.  But hot diggity damn that corndog made me happy.

And Saturday’s WOD was another tough one, so I feel like I earned the corndog.  It was a 2-part, 3-person team WOD, with a few minutes’ rest between the parts.

First Part: start each round at 3 minutes.  Work one after another , each partner starting in turn after the person ahead finishes their movement.  8cal row, 20 wall balls, 20 ball slams.  5 rounds.

Second Part: same rotational setup as the first part.  12 burpees, “parking lot run” (which is maybe around 100m-ish), 10 push press, 20 double unders OR 30 singles.

I felt really, really good on the first part.  I don’t especially like rowing, but I’m among the faster women in the box, so I guess I’m doing something right.  I definitely don’t like wall balls, but I’m getting better at them.  I felt a little lame because every time I got up behind Anne after the row, she was done and I had to start right in on the wall balls without any rest, but during the break she confessed she was only doing 15 reps.  I did get maybe ten seconds’ rest after each set of ball slams, so I didn’t die completely.  It was a really tough 15 minutes, though.

And the we got to Part Two and the wheels fell off.  I mean, it took me about a minute just to do the burpees.  And then I was all wobbly on the run.  Then I needed to suck air for a bit before I picked up the bar.  And I was so tired I couldn’t do more than 15 or 16 singles without messing myself up.  I never did do 10 push press on each round–I did 5 at 53# and that was quite hard enough.  After the first round, I didn’t do 12 burpees, either.  I think I did 10, then 6.  And I sat out a full round.  Our timing was all messed up anyway, because no way in hell were we getting through all of that in three minutes.

Maybe I phoned it in, but maybe I don’t care.  I was still sweating enough to fill a bathtub.

A Preemptive Strike on Mutiny

You know it’s going to be a tough WOD when Coach tells everyone not to roll their eyes or sigh before he even announces the Rx weight.  “It sounds heavy, but hear me out.”

He’s hilarious.  For a power clean/front squat combo, he was prescribing 185/135.  Um… I definitely can’t clean 135.  Last time I tried, I couldn’t even clean 95 (I probably could now; I didn’t try last night).  I was paired up with Jessie; she can’t clean 135 (or 95) either.  So we made a good team.  Last night’s WOD The First was an EMOM 10–2 power cleans and 1 front squat.  I started off cleaning 85, but after a few rounds I wasn’t able to get under it anymore.  I can’t blame heat or humidity this time, because the weather yesterday was almost chilly (what up, July); I just got tired.  So Jessie continued lifting 85, and I just bumped it down to 75 for my remaining rounds.  And wouldn’t you know it, 75 felt a little too light… I’m just waiting for someone to start calling me Goldilocks, because that crap happens all.the.time.  “Why isn’t there a 13″ box?”  “I wish we had a 32# kettlebell.”  “The blue band is too hard, but the blue band with the green band is too easy.”  It will be nice when I can just Rx things and stop worrying about it.

The reason he had prescribed such a high weight was so that the other half of the WOD would feel “easy.”  Well, I was neither sweating balls nor sucking air after the first part, and I was doing both of those things after about a minute on the second part, so you tell me what was easy.  WOD The Second was a 21-15-9 burpee bar jump/front squat combo, RX 95/65.  Sigh.  Burpees.  Nobody likes them but they always show up to play, and they don’t have any other friends, so you kind of feel bad for them, and you invite them along even though you really wish they would stay in their mom’s basement and play video games in the dark.  Also they’re kind of mean.  And yet we let them play.  Sometimes they even get picked first!  What is that.

Anyway.  Burpee bar jumps, followed by front squats.  I was actually doing more-or-less okay with the burpees; I didn’t have to break up any sets, and I wasn’t exactly jumping over the bar, but it was more than a step.  Sort of a skippety-hop (or maybe a hoppity-skip, I’m not sure).  My life flashed before my eyes with each one, too, because it wouldn’t be hard at all for me to trip over the bar and go tits-over-teakettle. 

I started off with the Rx weight on the front squats.  WOOHOO!!!  Getting closer and closer to being able to Rx “sometimes” instead of just “when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars on Leap Day when Sasquatch and Nessie have Yeti over for tea.”  That lasted for a whole 10 of 21 reps.  I had a 53# bar set up nearby “just in case” so I moved over to that.  I don’t know what it is about those 21-15-9 WODs, but when you’re in the thick of it, it feels like you’re going on for ages and ages.  It felt like there was significant planetary rotation that happened between “3… 2… 1… GO” and the last g-d rep of those g-d front squats, but really it was only about 8 minutes, 41 seconds’ worth.

Today my ass and quads hurt like a sonofabitch.  I really didn’t expect that.  It’s weird… some WODs I expect to hurt like hell don’t ever amount to much, and others that seem pretty cut-and-dry will beat the shit out of me.  And I can’t seem to predict it with any real accuracy.

Anyway, we’ve got today’s WOD in about an hour.  The weather is still nice and cool (and weird) so I wouldn’t mind at all if we ran.  I don’t want to squat, or clean, or do wall balls, OR BURPEES… but anything else would be swell.  Except snatches.  I don’t want to do snatches, either.

Or burpees.  Did I say that?  I don’t want to do burpees.

No burpees.