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The Hazards of a Mostly-Female Box

Well, one hazard, really.

Sometimes you run out of plates.

Yesterday’s WOD came in three parts–clean, bench press, and KB swings.  And because we were cleaning and bench pressing in two groups at the same time, all the 5, 10, and 15 pound plates got snapped up really quickly.

I don’t do much of anything really quickly.  So I missed out on starting with the weight I wanted.

Part 1: EMOM for 10 minutes, do 3 cleans.  Because there were about 20 of us present, we were paired up.  Person 1 did their set, then Person 2.  Note that this is necessary if you’re sharing a bar.  If you’re using different weights, it shouldn’t matter if you stagger your sets.  (This becomes important later.)

Part 2: After a couple minutes’ rest, find your max rep KB swings in 5 minutes.

Part 3: EMOM for 10 minutes, do 5 bench press.  Again, stagger with your partner (although for this one, if you need different weights, there was enough time to pull/add weights).

This is the first time I’ve worked out with someone who… didn’t really make me feel like a part of the group.  For starters, when Coach paired us up (for what reason, I do not know, because we were sorely mismatched), she seemed kind of disappointed.  Rx weight was way over my level of ability; she was doing the prescribed 135#, whereas I wanted 85#.  But because of the plate shortage, I was still searching when the WOD started–so I had to go with 65#.  After a few rounds, I realized it was way too easy, so I said I was going to do 5 reps instead of the three.  Her response?  “Well that leaves less time for me to do my set!”  First of all, we didn’t need to stagger in the first place, and second of all, if she couldn’t start until after I’d finished, isn’t that still… basically a full minute she gets to do her set?  And since my 65# cleans were taking me all of ten stupid seconds… ugh.  Whatever.  (Coach did find me some 10# plates from somewhere–he might have stolen them–so I was able to get some good hard work in after the first few sets.)  And then I tried making small talk during the rest period, and she just stared at me, as if she couldn’t believe I would have the audacity to chat during a very serious time.  We traded partners with a similarly-mismatched pair for the bench press, and I think we were all much happier.  I know I was.

Anyway.  That was my clean section.  I was really, really happy with my KB section–104 reps at 35#!  Of course, Coach didn’t start watching me until the end when I had to rest more often, so I got hollered at, but I got a high-five and a hug when he heard my number, so yay.

Bench press… ick.  I am so, so weak in that area.  My partner and I were doing 73#, and after the first three or four rounds I could only manage 3 reps.  It didn’t help that I was coming to it after a really intense round of KB swings, so my forearms were exhausted and it felt like I could very easily have dropped the bar right on m’face.  But, whatever, I got through it and really I enjoyed the whole WOD.  I remember when I didn’t like KB swings very much… they’ve grown on me in the last few months, and I don’t dread the WOD that has them anymore.

Oh, and my first day back at work was a fun one.  My boss and I literally did nothing but talk all day.  It was pretty sweet.


Two Cleans and a Jerk

I cannot wait to get back to work.  There are so many projects we want to do before cold weather strikes, and so little money with which to do them.  Unfortunately, when I return to work we’ll have the money (honey), but we won’t have the time.  Almost all of them are 2-person projects, and those that can be one-person projects are way more fun with company.  A small selection of our projects, in no particular order:

  • We need a railing around our deck, the steps need to be relocated to a less-stupid location, it needs to be stained and sealed, and I’d like some benches.  And planters.  And bird feeders.
  • Our living room has two exterior doors, one swinging and one sliding, and no screen doors.  I want screens for both.
  • The previous owners did a terrible job painting the front door.  It’s black and peeling and not even remotely attractive.  It needs repainted, something bright and happy.
  • Both spare bedrooms need painted and sorted out.  One is a guest room, the other is a craft/art/website-building studio-like room.
  • I want shelves in the kitchen.  And something more attractive than paper grocery sacks to hold the recycling.
  • I wouldn’t even put a pigeon in our henhouse right now, let alone a chicken.  It needs work.
  • More shelves in the laundry room.
  • More shelves in all the closets, really.
  • And on an on.  There’s a lot we want to do.

It’s a little weird.  We’ve rented for so long, it’s strange to think that if there’s something we don’t like about the house, we can just change it.  We don’t have to discuss anything with anyone.  We don’t even have neighbors to bother.  If I want to lay out a bed of pansies in the shape of a giant tallywhacker, I can do exactly that.  I’m not going to, but the point is I could.

Anyway.  Last night’s WOD was a good one.  Jason and I were hoping for some good old-fashioned lifting after Tuesday’s marathon (and Saturday’s, in my case.  I’m still a little bitter about that).  And we got what we wanted!  Coach had planned a nice, simple clean & jerk complex.

Every other minute for ten minutes, do 2 cleans and 1 split jerk, three times.  Bump up the weight a bit, and do the same thing, with 2 complexes every other minute.  Bump up the weight again.  Same thing, one complex per minute.  On the lighter-weight reps, the emphasis was on good, clean form, so that by the time we got to the heavy weight, we had some muscle memory to work with.  We spent more than the usual amount of time before the WOD, practicing with PVC and getting feedback.

We were working out with partners, trading off minutes, and my partner and I were pretty well-matched.  We started with a 63# bar, which both of us found pretty easy.  Moved up to a 73# bar for the 2-complex rounds; I still felt like that was pretty easy, but my partner was starting to fatigue.  For the final weight, I knew I wanted to do 83#.  WOD Buddy got one clean, but couldn’t get the bar up again.  So we switched out the plates to make a 78# bar between our sets, and she got all her reps in.  I kind of like those quick changes when the clock is running.  Makes me feel like I’m in an Indy car pit crew.

I will say, my ass was still mighty sore from all of Monday’s deadlifts, so each and every one of those cleans was like a kick in the pants.  And today my shoulders and traps are very, very sore.  But you know what, I hit every rep, and each one was solid.  And my jerk PR is 88#, and I still was able to put 83# over my head five times.  And it was only a little scary.  So I was very happy with how I did.

Really glad today is a rest day, though.