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Short and Bitter.

Short version: couldn’t work out this morning.

All the frowny faces.  :c :c :c

Here’s how it happened.  When the alarm went off at quarter to dark in the morning, I realized my ribs were not.happy.  It was too early, too dark, too close to last night’s bedtime.  I told Jason, if there are any cleans in the WOD, I’m going to see if I can do something else.  So we get to the box, I wander over to the whiteboard, and I see:


  • 300m ROW

So… yeah.  Cleans.  I walked over to the coach and explained to her the situation, saying that other things haven’t bothered me, just catching a clean hurts.  She said, okay, how about you put a bar on a rack and do some push presses instead?  I said that sounded like it would work, and I proceeded to warm up with the rest of the class.

Well, I got about halfway through the warmup, right up to the little set of jumping jacks.  And I jumped… and I got jacked.  Seriously, it felt like someone walked up and punched me right between the ribs.  Coach happened to be walking by, caught my eyeballs as they popped out of their sockets, and without prompting, I said, “I think I’ll sit this one out.”  She told me to go roll it out, and I tried, but it felt like it made it worse (no surprise, since I’d been trying to roll at home with the same results).  Stretching felt better, so I spent the time while everyone else did the WOD in front of me (*SOB*) with some long, slow pulls, breathing into what felt like a giant bruise.

So lesson learned: if it hurts at home, don’t go in, because it won’t hurt any less in the box.  I’ll probably take tomorrow off, then Sunday is a rest day anyway… hopefully by Monday I can be back at it, if not 100% then at least 85 or 90.

I came home and knitted, watched more old episodes of The Office, and generally felt kind of sorry for myself.  Blah.

Maybe I should take some pictures of my knitting and share them.  This is NeYARNderthal, after all…


Helen (Like A Felon)

Haha, just kidding.  I Helen’d like… I don’t know, like someone who can’t do pullups yet.  And runs really slowly.

We don’t seem to do the benchmarks too terribly often at our box.  We’re more than welcome to do them on our own; one of my favorite things about our box is that there are no attendance restrictions.  It’s a flat fee (and a very low one at that, as far as CrossFit goes) and we can go in any time the doors are open.  Thursday and Sunday are the official rest days, but they open the box for 3 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Sunday for “open gym” time.  The coaches are there and available to help you work on things.  I keep meaning to go in to work on my heavy clean technique… and I keep not doing it… but that’s my problem.

ANYWAY.  God, I get so sidetracked.  We don’t do the benchmarks as part of a group WOD all that often.  We did Annie a few weeks after I started, and we did Murph on Memorial Day (we did the full distance/rep scheme but I scaled the shit out of it with burpees instead of pullups, so I’m not sure I actually scaled it at all).  Other than that the only PRs I have on the board are a few lifts and a 2k row.  So I was really happy to be able to put up another hilariously bad PR.


  • 400m run
  • 21 KB swings
  • 12 Pullups

3 rounds for time.

I used a 30# KB (which is getting easier; I should be able to Rx that soon!) and I did jumping pullups.  The class was big enough yesterday we had to partner up and stagger our starts; I was sort of bragging to my partner that I’ve finally started being able to do banded pullups, and I was going to try that.  She was like “Knock yourself out, I’m jumping” (only she didn’t say it in a snotty way because she’s really nice).  So I got through the first run, the swings (unbroken! All three rounds, unbroken!), and then as soon as I got my foot in the band my arms were like LOL FUCK OFF and… yeah, I did jumping pullups.

Final time 13:57.  I want to try it again when it’s not so horribly humid (yay, Midwestern summers…).  I suspect I have very slight exercise-induced asthma; sometimes when the humidity is up, I feel like the lower half of my lungs isn’t working.  I’ll take a deep, gulping breath but it feels like it just stops about about halfway down.  It’s not something that really concerns me, but I’m definitely aware of it and I feel like it slows me down a bit sometimes.

Anyway, since that was the whole WOD today, Coach told us to use the time after smacking Helen in the face to work on some of the more advanced moves.  She did a quick n dirty coaching session on rope climbs and handstand pushups; I chose to flog myself for twenty minutes work on my double-unders.  My poor shins took a beating and I never did get one.  I can’t seem to separate my wrist rhythm from my feet; as soon as I start to swing faster, my feet are like “OKAY I GO FAST NOW TOO YAAAAAY JUMPING” and smack goes the rope.

So yeah.  I need to go in on open gym days to work on double unders, heavy cleans, probably shoulder mobility, pullups, maybe some chest strength because I have very little…

Damn.  That’s a pretty busy rest day.