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Oh, my God, you guys.

Our puppy is so ugly right now.  Seriously, I still love her, I will always love her, but at the moment she’s going through a reeeeally awkward growth spurt, and she has been savagely, mercilessly beaten with the ugly stick.  Her legs are all skinny and weird, and she’s oddly lanky for a Corgi, but the main thing is her head.  Oh my GOD does she look stupid.  Half her teeth are missing, so she’s got constant Derp Tongue, and she’s got a big bump on her snoot where the cartilage hasn’t caught up with the bone.  What’s worse, she’s got crazy, buggy pug eyes right now.  And they have different degrees of buggyness.  Her right eye pops just a fraction more than her left, so it’s always wandering off to the east while her left eye looks straight ahead.  Also we haven’t had rain, so the pollen counts are awful, so she’s got drippy eyes and her face is always stained.  And to cap it all off, the poor ugly thing doesn’t feel good.  She’s tired from the growth spurt, and her teeth hurt like a sonofabitch, so she’s afraid to eat her dinner.  The last two meals have been a mix of soaked kibble and ground beef, so she doesn’t have to chew much, and she wants to eat it out of a HAND, not out of her BOWL.  She’s got just four more baby teeth to lose, from what I can tell–one molar and three canines.  When that molar comes out, I think she’ll feel a whole lot better.  It’s loose, and I want to pull it so badly, but I don’t feel like losing a finger so I’ll just leave it alone.

On a positive note, her adult coat is growing in, and it is gorgeous, all wavy and bright red.  I mostly try to focus on that and just avoid looking at her face.

Oh hi!  It’s been a week.  Between my own fight with the pollen count (I don’t normally suffer from allergies but holy crap my head feels like a bubble of snot), puppy not feeling well, and going straight from work to CrossFit to cooking/eating dinner to spending quality time with my darling to bed… my days have been jam-packed, and blogging has taken a backseat.  Later on in my work season, as we start getting shows running and I’m at home during the day more often, it’ll be a little easier to post regularly.  In the meantime, things will probably stay a little sporadic.

What have we been up to at CrossFit?

Last Saturday was the typical cardio-heavy, time-intensive, partner WOD.  Coach often joins us in working out, so he rarely programs any heavy lifting.  It’s mostly bodyweight movements that don’t require him to keep an eagle eye on everyone.  It was stuff like box jumps, double unders, and a really fun station (no, seriously) that was a 10-minute AMRAP of ball slams, slam ball cleans, and slam ball wall balls.  Wall balls are very different with the slam ball, and I kind of liked it better, although my tendency of catching the ball with my face made me a little nervous (I only did it twice).

Monday was for finding our 1-rep max on strict press, back squats, and power cleans.  I PR’d on two of the three!  My strict press went up to a whopping 68#.  My power clean went to 98# (I wanted that 103# so badly but it wasn’t happening).  My back squat ended up tied with my PR of 143#–I brain-farted trying 148# and went straight to 153#, and it was uggggly.  I didn’t even go for three fails, the first two were so bad.  I needed help bailing out of one of them; I lost my balance and started tipping forward, and there was no way I could chuck it off backward.  Scared the crap out of the coach, but I was fine.  It did highlight my lack of range-of-motion in my lower half.  I always thought it was pretty good, but clearly it needs work, since the bar got ahead of me.

Tuesday was Helen!  400m run, 21 KB swings, and 12 pullups.  I sort-of PR’d; my time went up by 20 seconds, but I was able to Rx the kettlebell part, so I’m calling it a win.  I finished in 14:14 with jumping pullups.  Next goal is to start working on banded pullups (the blue band is not enough, but adding the green band makes it too easy).

Wednesday was a Tabata.  *grumble grumble*  20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of trying not to barf rest, for 4 minutes on each movement.  Box jumps, which I am SUPER proud of because it was a 20″ box and I jumped EVERY REP, situps, sumo deadlift high pulls, front squats, and hand-release pushups.  My scores were 5, 11, 8, 5, and 6.  That one killed me–I was okay Wednesday evening, but I got gradually more sore through the day yesterday, mostly in the abs and quads, which brings us up to…

…today.  A series of AMRAPs!  3 minutes of 3 deadlifts/3 burpees.  3 minutes’ rest.  Then 6 minutes of 6 squat cleans/6 burpees.  Then 6 minutes’ rest.  Then 9 minutes of 9 snatches/9 burpees.  The deadlift round was fine–115#, and I got through 5 rounds + 4 reps.  Then the wheels fell off.  I don’t like squat cleans on a good day; catching the bar in a squat is scary (I am super careful with my squat, and I don’t like to move through it quickly).  And today wasn’t a good day.  I did my first round at 75#, then I took off the little plates and did 2 more rounds with 65#.  3 rounds in 6 minutes.  Not great.  The snatch round wasn’t too bad, I guess… I was just tired.  I briefly considered snatching the empty 45# bar, but remembering my snatch failure from last week pushed me to make it 55#.  And that was fine.  I got it up.  It hurt, and I had to rest a lot, but I got it up and it wasn’t ugly.  I managed 2 rounds and 9 reps on that.

And now I’m home, bills are paid (pennies are being pinched til they squeak, but bills are paid), and we’re looking at a gorgeous long weekend (4 days, in my case!), which hopefully will bring some badly-needed rain.

All we need is a puppy that doesn’t look like a mutant.  That might take a while.


What the Kell(y)

Oh, Tuesday morning, I like you.  It’s cloudy, which means it might rain, which means I might not have to water the garden.  Jason had a job interview that went really, really well (he has a job he likes well enough, but he’s looking to advance his career and he’s kind of gone as far as he can go where he is now).  Tegan and Pickle are coexisting in relative peace, even though Tegan is a little wound up and excitable.  We’re good on groceries so I don’t have to leave the house until Crossfit tonight.  I’m having a lot of fun planning next year’s garden (it’s gonna be a big one!).  And I have hundreds and hundreds of pages of caveman stories to read this afternoon.  So… yeah.  It’s a good day.

Last night’s WOD was Kelly.  Ugggghhhh… screw you, Kelly.

  • 400m run
  • 30 box jumps
  • 30 wall balls
  • 5 RFT

Coach told us before we started that she wanted us jumping if at all possible.  “You can step if you have to… you know I hate stepping, but do it if you have to.”  I don’t know why she hates stepping.  I mean, I had been jumping on a 14″ box for quite a while.  The 6″ move to the next box size is huge.  Jumping on a 20″ box, once you’ve gotten the feel of a 14″ one, feels like you’re jumping onto the Empire State Building.  I know it’s completely, 100% in my head, but I can’t just magically feel the difference and be able to start jumping on a 20″ box right away.  At least with steps, I can get some memory in my muscles without the risk of going tits over teakettle.  I’m still getting on top of the box, right?  And pairing that with running and wall balls?  Why don’t you just hamstring me while you’re at it?

So I compromised.  Each round, I broke up the box jump into two sets of ten steps/five jumps.  I’ve jumped on a 20″ box a few times without killing myself or anyone else, so I knew it could be done.  And it wasn’t too bad!  I was squeaking my shoes a few times in the last couple rounds because I was juuuuust barely jumping high enough, but at no point did I come close to wetting myself out of fear, so I call it a success.

I also, at the beginning, very seriously considered scaling by either cutting reps or rounds.  Even the fast times on the whiteboard were on the dark side of 25 minutes, and the majority seemed to be at or around 30 minutes.  But when it came down to the “3… 2… 1… GO!” I just went.

I did all the reps.  I did all the rounds.  I no-repped the shit out of my wall balls, but that’s nothing new, and I counted them anyway.  I caught at least three of them with my face.  I even got picky about which ball I’d use (the orange ten-pounder is slippery and too round!).  But I didn’t have to take a ton of rest breaks, and not once after we started did I consider phoning it in or quitting.  I was committed.

And I was not the last one to finish.  In fact, that feels so good, I will say it again, louder.  I was not.  The last one.  To finish.  I got into a race with Chris at the end (never mind that she was doing it fully Rx’d), and that head-to-head race in the final round of wall balls lit a fire under my ass.  I am absolutely not a competitive person.  The only contest in which I’d really put up a fight is a bacon-eating contest.  But I really, really wanted to get done before she did, because too many times I’ve still been working my ass off while everyone else is breaking down barbells and wiping sweat off the slam balls.

I hurled my last wall ball with a mighty roar (I think I really yelled “FUUUUUCK” without the consonants), whipped my head around, and saw the clock tick over 35:00 even.  So I am calling my official time 34:59.  And I got a big, fat PR to put on the board!

Today is our coach’s 42nd birthday.  He’s out of town for work this week, but his wife is the other main coach, and she will probably have some kind of 42 chipper for us.  I’m not exactly quaking with fear, but I can’t say I’m not a little bit nervous.

Ask Your Doctor if Getting Off Your Ass is Right For You.

I say that in jest, because I spent too much time on my ass (on the couch) last week, and my back is paying the price.

Yeah.  I CrossFit, and I managed to throw out my back while sitting on the couch.  (WINNING.)

The left side of my spine, about midway down my back, doesn’t really want to do anything right now.  If I twist wrong or ask it to move (even politely!), it hollers in protest and lashes out with spasms and temper tantrums.  I know it’s from the couch, because this has happened before from the exact same thing.  It’s impossible to sit properly on it, and it kicks my pelvis all cattywumpus if I stay on it for any length of time.  I’ve been working on a lot of knitting and other things lately, which means I’ve been spending more time on my butt and less time on my feet.  But I need to work on this knitting, because I’m planning on writing up the pattern for sale.  So there we have it.  Angry back.  We can’t afford a new couch right now, as much as I wish we could, so I’m stuck in the red-headed stepchild chair across the room.  Blah.  (I’m pretty sure the mattress is in cahoots with the couch, because it is equally uncomfortable, and equally out of the budget.)

Anyway, I still went to CrossFit last night, even though I probably shouldn’t have, and I still managed to have a pretty good workout, if not as heavily weighted as I would normally be able to manage.

Started off by having 12 minutes to find our max weight for 2 hang cleans, into 2 front squats, into 2 push jerks, without taking our hands off the bar.  If we needed to rest between reps, that was okay, but we couldn’t let go of the bar.  I managed 73#, which hurt.

Then we were to take that weight and do a 12-minute AMRAP:

  • 5 Deadlifts
  • 4 high box jumps (we could either go up a full box increment from what we normally do, or just put a plate on our normal box for an extra inch or two of lift)
  • 30 DU/50 singles (normally we have a 1:3 exchange rate, but Coach didn’t want us spending too much time on the rope)
  • 2 wall climbs or 5 walk-outs
  • 100m run

YOU GUYS I JUMPED ON A 20″ BOX FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AND IT WASN’T TOO SCARY.  And almost all of them were good, solid jumps, once I got the height dialed in on my legs.  I was so, SO happy about that.  I managed 3 full rounds and got to 50 singles on the 4th round.  Oh and I was actually deadlifting a 78# bar, because that’s what my partner was using, but I figure an extra 5 pounds isn’t going to be that noticeable in a deadlift.

My back was feeling pretty horrible when I got up this morning, but I haven’t put my lazy butt on the couch once today, and it already feels a wee bit better.  I think I’ll still go to CF tonight, but if there’s heavy lifting involved I may do my own thing instead.  We’ll see.


Awkward Cheerleader is Awkward

I hope everyone had a good Independence Day!  Ours was busy busy–we met up with a big group of the CF180 crew for our town’s parade.  It’s a big deal around here, apparently.  People will camp out in the park the day before to reserve their spots, and it’s sort of like in northern cities when people dig out a parking space after a snowstorm–courtesy demands that you don’t take a space you didn’t clear.  Well, for the 4th of July Parade, if your stuff is still in your space by the morning of the 4th, you’ve earned it and nobody can steal it.  And people get into it!  They will literally stake their claim, with sticks and rope.  I get the impression some would use landmines if it was legal.  Then you show up with coolers and patio grills and lawn chairs, and the whole damn town comes out for the fun.

The parade was okay, I guess, if you like parades, but mostly we just drank red and blue booze and talked bullshit with our people for three hours.  It was awesome.  I mean, we’re all friendly at the box, but Jason and I haven’t had much of a chance to really hang out socially with anyone yet.  We’re discovering we all have a lot in common, even with our differences (lots of us at the box work out as married couples, but I’m pretty sure Jason and I are the only ones who are married without children).  We went out again later that night, after we put Tegan to bed, to shoot pool and drink beers with Gary and Susannah.  We didn’t stay out very late, because we’re ooooold, but it was still fun.  And Susannah drunkenly proposed that she and I become Partner WOD Buddies always and forever, which would suit me fine because she’s a bucket of fun.

Yesterday we had a pretty easy day.  We were a little too wobbly for the 9am WOD, so we went to a matinee showing of Monsters University (loved it), then out to the local BBQ place for lunch (loved that too), then took the puppy to the park (would have loved it but the parks crew was mowing), then went home for a nap before the evening WOD.  (Phew.)  I was kind of hoping Coach would take pity on us, and he did not disappoint–we just did Grace.  30 clean & jerks for time.  I used a 63# bar and finished in 4:13.  Not too shabby, and a PR to boot!  (It was an automatic PR, since I’d not done it before, but it still counts.)  We stuck around afterward for a little while and I worked on my toes-to-bar, which means I just sort of hung on the bar and had a series of small seizures.

And then this morning… we had a nice little team WOD.  We split up into groups of 3.  The rotation went like this–one person runs 100m, one person works towards the movement total, and one person rests.  When the runner gets back, we rotate (runner works, worker rests, rester runs).  The movements and their totals:

  • 100cal row
  • 200 rope slams
  • 100 pullups
  • 150 wall balls

I have no idea how many of each thing I did.  I was the weak link on my team, but both of them were awesome and supportive.  I don’t think there’s anyone there who isn’t awesome and supportive, but karma makes me want to mention it anyway.  I try to be a good cheerleader when I’m working out with other people, but it always comes out weird.  Today’s examples–“Good job, Trina, slap a hole in the floor!” and “You’re doing awesome!  The ball weighs nothing!  It’s full of feathers!”  I passed Jason going the opposite direction during one of the run laps–he said “Good job, Shanelle!” and I replied “Heeeeyyyyy!”  (At least he already knows how I am.)  Anyway, it was a fun workout, but I’m ready for a rest day tomorrow.

The rest of today will be filled with errands (dog food, work gloves, and chocolate are on the shopping list), lunch, and knitting, hopefully with something good on the TV.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Helen (Like A Felon)

Haha, just kidding.  I Helen’d like… I don’t know, like someone who can’t do pullups yet.  And runs really slowly.

We don’t seem to do the benchmarks too terribly often at our box.  We’re more than welcome to do them on our own; one of my favorite things about our box is that there are no attendance restrictions.  It’s a flat fee (and a very low one at that, as far as CrossFit goes) and we can go in any time the doors are open.  Thursday and Sunday are the official rest days, but they open the box for 3 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Sunday for “open gym” time.  The coaches are there and available to help you work on things.  I keep meaning to go in to work on my heavy clean technique… and I keep not doing it… but that’s my problem.

ANYWAY.  God, I get so sidetracked.  We don’t do the benchmarks as part of a group WOD all that often.  We did Annie a few weeks after I started, and we did Murph on Memorial Day (we did the full distance/rep scheme but I scaled the shit out of it with burpees instead of pullups, so I’m not sure I actually scaled it at all).  Other than that the only PRs I have on the board are a few lifts and a 2k row.  So I was really happy to be able to put up another hilariously bad PR.


  • 400m run
  • 21 KB swings
  • 12 Pullups

3 rounds for time.

I used a 30# KB (which is getting easier; I should be able to Rx that soon!) and I did jumping pullups.  The class was big enough yesterday we had to partner up and stagger our starts; I was sort of bragging to my partner that I’ve finally started being able to do banded pullups, and I was going to try that.  She was like “Knock yourself out, I’m jumping” (only she didn’t say it in a snotty way because she’s really nice).  So I got through the first run, the swings (unbroken! All three rounds, unbroken!), and then as soon as I got my foot in the band my arms were like LOL FUCK OFF and… yeah, I did jumping pullups.

Final time 13:57.  I want to try it again when it’s not so horribly humid (yay, Midwestern summers…).  I suspect I have very slight exercise-induced asthma; sometimes when the humidity is up, I feel like the lower half of my lungs isn’t working.  I’ll take a deep, gulping breath but it feels like it just stops about about halfway down.  It’s not something that really concerns me, but I’m definitely aware of it and I feel like it slows me down a bit sometimes.

Anyway, since that was the whole WOD today, Coach told us to use the time after smacking Helen in the face to work on some of the more advanced moves.  She did a quick n dirty coaching session on rope climbs and handstand pushups; I chose to flog myself for twenty minutes work on my double-unders.  My poor shins took a beating and I never did get one.  I can’t seem to separate my wrist rhythm from my feet; as soon as I start to swing faster, my feet are like “OKAY I GO FAST NOW TOO YAAAAAY JUMPING” and smack goes the rope.

So yeah.  I need to go in on open gym days to work on double unders, heavy cleans, probably shoulder mobility, pullups, maybe some chest strength because I have very little…

Damn.  That’s a pretty busy rest day.